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Doggone Time – Where Has It Gone

on March 29, 2013


This is Cooper.
Begging to play.

I could almost hear his plea,
“Now?! Now will you play?!”

Oh he wasn’t alone.
Coogee joined in.


I have been pretty busy lately with helping my parents move into their new home.

The dogs weren’t the only ones begging for attention.
Also Brian was giving me his puppy eyed “Now?! Now do you have time for me?!” Look, too.

Happily my parents are mostly done with the unpacking now,
So all can return to normal in our home.
All my babies can rest in the fact that I will be able to spend more time loving them.

Last week I was drowning in boxes.
Boxes and boxes full of dishes, pictures, nick nacs, clothes….
Truck loads full of memories being hauled and carted and toted and dragged,
Up and down stairs,
In and around and over.

I do not feel the need to move for quite a while after experiencing the aches of it all.

Saying good-bye to our childhood home was not as hard for me.
I had said fare well a long time ago.

There is a new family to fill the walls with all of those great and noisy sounds.

The new house is but five minutes from us.
It felt like love at first sight for mom and dad.
Never dreaming it was possible as it was out of reach in price and then there was a drop.

Meant to be?
I feel it was.

There is an intimate kind of charm to the “hearth room” with the brick fireplace begging for a fire.
The kitchen already host to several meals, waiting for the echoes of laughter.

The large windows peeking out over the expansive yard has already spied
Boys sledding with gusto
And deer enjoying the feed meant for birds.

A dining room table big enough for our oversized family is ready for our Easter gathering.

The “parlor,” a work in progress,
Will be a luxury when guests overflow the other rooms.

So many stories will be told.
Jokes and parties.
Prayers and I am sure tears.
Furniture still to be bought will provide comfort for tired bodies and spaces to lounge or share or just hold the precious people who enter.

A new home.
Full of adventures and experiments and delightful smells of
Another cake mom has made for someone’s birthday.

The sounds of the hammer against nail as dad fixes a broken something.

The cats have also found new spots to sit and hide and run and of course snuggle.


I can’t wait to share in what will come
And see how this home holds our family.

In a sense,
We have a new home, too.
In reality they could have moved anywhere and we would have made it our families centerpiece.
But I am happy in this home,
as it seems to fit us just right.


3 responses to “Doggone Time – Where Has It Gone

  1. willowdot21 says:

    lovely a lovely blog.

  2. gita4elamats says:

    My Tara prefers tug-of war with her teddy. 🙂

  3. vision5d2012 says:

    How wonderful that it is so close to you. As years go by, that will be a great blessing for both you and your parents. Congratulations and best regards to the pups, Alia

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