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Eggs, Food and Easter

on April 2, 2013


It all started with eggs.
Eggs full of candy and numbers.
Yes, numbers.

My brothers and sisters
(all grown I might add)
And I
Get prizes (gift cards, beer, fruit, purses…whatever)
And have a special egg hunt.
We don’t want our precious gifts to possibly not be found,
So we put a number in those eggs.

It takes place in the dark
On Good Friday,
With flashlights to assist in the search.
Though mine went out which made it near impossible.

This year provided quite the challenging hunt.
We had to dig up some eggs,
look through brush,
and grapple with a thorny rose bush
yet only 6 were left to nature.

This newer tradition has quickly become a favorite Easter activity.


We of course had plenty to eat and tried playing “The 90’s Game,”
Which was a long and somewhat dull trivia style game.

Then off to bed.
After of course conversing til after midnight.


Saturday began at brunch
With Brian’s family.
So the food continued.
It was not enough time, really
But it was what we all had.
As always,
The kids are all growing it seems by feet and I can’t get enough of their smiles and laughter.

Then off it was to my parents new house where we spent some quality time just playing and laughing and once again eating.


Brian is a member of our church choir,
So we were soon off to Easter Vigil.

I find this the most beautiful and glorious Mass!

I can’t tell you how much meaning and celebration there is.

We welcome new members into the church as they are Baptized and confirmed.
I almost cried as one of the members Brian and I had been praying for over the past 5 months was now a member of the church family.

The choir sounded heavenly!
I could feel the angels and saints join in.
The rafters seem to be lifted.
There are not enough voices in church to sway the atmosphere as it does,
So I just know we are not alone.

I feel the Glory of God
As we recall His tremendous
Miracles throughout scripture.

For some this is too long of a service,
For me…
I am riveted and brought to tears as I praise His Holy name and
Thank God for erasing my

I always leave full of the joyful Spirit.

It was another late night,
But I couldn’t complain about that.

Big yawn- we were all tired but not too tired to keep the celebration going.

We hosted a breakfast at our house
Then back to my parents to prepare for the kids Easter Egg hunt.

We had all kinds of eggs to hide.

You would think we could go pro by now!


It was a gorgeous day for not only finding eggs,
But flying kites,
Playing basketball and just catching up on some sun.


We again were back at the table for a final feast of ham,
Cheesy hash browns,
Green bean casserole,
And of course
Deviled eggs.

(We ended up calling these drunk chicks, as they looked a bit tipsy)

Mom made her traditional lamb-
Which was tasty as always.


At the end of the weekend,
I not only felt exhausted,
I think I was one peep away from a sugar coma.

I must say,
How can I be so lucky to have family and so much love in my life?!

My life is full of color and feeling and warmth and stories.
No it’s not without arguments or ugliness,
But that is part of growing
And learning.

I thank God for the gift that is each day.
I thank God for the recognition
Of my blessings
And I hope when I share them with you,
You are encouraged to
Look for the light in your day.

Happy Easter!


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