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Thanks Spring Forth

on April 3, 2013


141. Last week, our most recent blast of snow melted into the thirsty ground.

Was that the final burst of winter?

I guess we will see.

142. The sun shines its glorious rays onto my face as I embrace the light.

Spring, oh blessed spring.
I cannot wait to experience the freshness of regrowth.

A sign that life,
new life is a process
Proceeded by winter darkness,
Accompanied by solitude and stillness.

143. Suddenly there are buds of bright purple and pink shooting forth on the awakened stems.

Soon to come,
Fruits that are rich in flavor,
bold green grass soft against toes.

Fragrance drifting past my nose as I walk with purpose on a trail next to blooms in scattered rows.

144. Electric bills reflect the absence of heaters and lamps, as light radiates through open windows.

Warmth that welcomes fewer clothes and a casual air of brightness.

145. Bar-be-que chicken encompasses the wind, as the pleasant smell drifts before my nose making me realize how hungry I am.

The sounds of laughter and children’s squeals reach my ears as I remember those early spring days,
Looking out classroom windows,
Restraining the impulse of running free.

Spring fever.
The only acceptable “illness.”

146. I find excuses to be obligated to the outdoors.

Was that the mailman?
Oh I must go.

Oh there is the trash man,
I should bring our bin back.

Well…looks like Coogee and Cooper need to go out again.

Fresh air.

I can live with the pollen and mold and allergens lurking about,
Waiting for their victims in the most sinister way.
Quiet and peacefully,
They creep in where you most want to be.

A sneeze escapes you almost with no warning.
Then another.

Will they stop me?
No! Those jerks.

147. Thank God for allergy medication- mainly “Sudafed.”

Soon enough we will be harkened by the love song of spring.

Gladly I will fall
Into the beauty
That I believe can only be
Truly appreciated
after the darkness of winter.


One response to “Thanks Spring Forth

  1. Amen! I echo the electric bills and the sudafed specifically!

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