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Flying Through Thankfulness

on April 26, 2013



This is going to be another list of thanks, 

as I have neglected this blog for about a week or so.  

Anyone not in the know,

I am trying (not very successfully in keeping up the pace as of now)

to come up with a thousand thanks by December 31st.

Here goes the latest:

161.  For our Godchildren who bring light into our lives, as if they are our own children.

Each is so different and special.

Here is a brief look at them:

    Evan– newest and youngest, is full of laughter and hugs.  I have been so blessed in being able to spend a lot of time with him during his first year of life. (Loving, loving, loving…)

We can’t wait to see the person he becomes.

“I’ll eat you up, I love you so.”

    Joey-  just had his 10th birthday and is all boy!  Sports, sports, sports.

He and uncle Brian have been enjoying golf since he could stand up.

We were also lucky to be able to spend a lot of crucial time together early on.

He is also a loving person and tender hearted.  

Our Aussie mate, he used to climb up on our bed and sit on our heads when he woke up and then giggle ferociously.  We love his gentleness and kind soul!

    Christopher-  He just turned 20!

Wow!  He was two when we got married and was an adorable ring bearer.

Chris has this great determination in him.

He has overcome some not-so-easy obstacles growing up,

and has a strong will that helps him to persevere.

I believe he will accomplish his dreams.

I still see that little boy that I once held in my arms and rocked and sang to and played with.

He has the best hugs and I love to see him smile!

      Alexandra-  My best friends daughter, she is a light!

I love to hear her talk about things she is passionate about, like anime.

She is truly loving and giving and a positive girl.

She is in high school and loves to watch my babies.

She wants to be a vet and I believe she will make that happen.

I love her brightness!

  How fortunate are we to have these fantastic gifts?!

162.  For my brother and my sister-in-law (who I prefer to just call “sister”), who are going to have a girl in September!

    I was able to be there when they found out “it’s a girl!”

How sweet and special for all of us to have another little life to love!

163.  For the past several days that I could spend in Kansas with my brother and sister-in-law and Godson.

How much fun to be a part of your families life in their home.



164.  For good music!

I am listening to some new music I downloaded, and I must say, 

I do love them!  

(Have you ever had a little regret over any songs you downloaded?)


here is a list of recent songs that I will probably replay again and again:

(Note- yes, some are old songs…  I forget some of the music I will forever love and then I hear it and say “I Love this song!” which leads to a download.)

Breezeblocks  by Alt-J   (I first heard it and knew they were referring to “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.  My favorite children’s book.  So….)

Your Love by The Outfield  (My fave summer song since what? the 1980’s)

Stompa by Serena Ryda (Love, love, love)

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Lose to Win by Fantasia (Wow!  Very Tina Turner like)

Suit & Tie by JT  (Took me a little to warm up to it, but now I love it.)

165.  The benefits of 5k races!  



My mom and  I had 2 Saturdays in a row with 5k’s and it was great!

She wants to do one every weekend now.

I love that for very little you can give to a great cause and exercise.

166.  For the warmth of a cup of tea.

Sometimes you just need a good cup of tea to help you sort through your feelings or to calm your stomach or to share alongside a biscuit with friends.



167.  For pedicures!

I must say that I don’t find most feet attractive.

You know, they are these weird little digits and while I appreciate their amazing purpose,

uh I can’t say they are the best feature anyone has.

My “sister” and I got a much needed spring pedi and I took a few photos but I hesitate posting any.

Oh well, you were warned.  They are feet.


168.  For Poppies, which I find to be the most delicate flower.

I forgot about the poppy, until a lady had painted one and I said,

“Oh!  I love poppies!”

So I had to research if I could even keep them alive in our brightly lit front yard.

Great to know that they love drinking up the sun and don’t need much water.




mom and I will be doing a little gardening on Sunday.

I can’t wait to see them spring to life!

169.  For the beauty of friends.

I am meeting my BFF tonight for dinner and who knows what else.

Her daughter was asking about our friendship and about any fights we might have had, 

but honestly we have never had one.

We are both fairly relaxed people and tend to just gel together.

Can’t wait, as it has been a little while since we last met up.

170.  For sunshine and springtime!

Must I say it,

I have been longing for warmer weather and sun!

I can never thank God enough for this necessity in keeping my sanity.

171.  That being said, for being able to cut the grass.

O.k. so that may seem silly, but I absolutely love riding around in our old John Deere riding lawn mower. 

Tunes blasting, shades on, cutting through the overgrown green to make way for a pretty 

nice looking yard.  

It’s very satisfying.


Well, I am off to dinner, 

where I will again be sitting and chatting and in my head I am sure be saying some more thanks.

I hope to catch up on reading those blogs that I just haven’t found time for recently.

I will catch up and can’t wait to read your fantastic posts!


4 responses to “Flying Through Thankfulness

  1. Yet another lovely installment, though I have to confess… I have NOT warmed up to Suit & Tie…

  2. I am off to enjoy a warm cup of tea this Sunday afternoon. You have inspired me to use a cup and saucer!

    • yomicfit says:

      The cups & saucers in the photo are special for my mom So I felt honored that she would use these with me. Having that cup & saucer just feels proper at times and comforting.

      Sincerely, Michelle

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