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For Heaven’s Sake

on May 16, 2013

ImageLawn chairs looking out on the Lake (of the Ozarks).

Have you ever heard someone say,

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!”

It is often said after something unbelievable has happened or is said.

I like it because it makes me smile when I hear it.

Maybe because it can’t be said in a hostile way,

whatever the case it popped into my mind as I was thinking about my thanks I want to post.


Thanks – for heaven’s sake.

Thanks that will glorify the goodness of our Father and remind me of heaven.




There is not one thing to small to be thankful for.

I believe it’s the little details that remind me most of heaven.

191.  Thanks for the time with my two sisters-in-law at the Lake.

Brian’s sisters are in a way, my sisters and I feel lucky to have in-laws that I love to spend time with.

I couldn’t ask for better sisters!

192.  For the fantastic food at “On The Rise Bakery.”



This was a three cheese, herb and bacon omelette.

Much needed after we worked out with Jillian!

193.  For the relaxing sun bath on the dock.



It was supposed to rain, 

so we had planned pedicures

but thank you Lord for several glorious hours of sun and warmth!

The pedi’s had to wait.

194.  For the best pedicures ever!



We had so much fun!

We went with a refreshing cucumber spa.

It included a scrub, paraffin foot treatment and our legs wrapped in warm towels;

followed with a soothing cucumber lotion.

We loved the green tea they served in wine glasses with fresh lemon.

Nice touch, Luxury Nails!

195.  For Pet ParadesImage

I mean really?!

Dogs walking around in costumes,

riding in wagons,

and coming up to socialize with other dogs.

Who doesn’t like that?!



Can you spot Coogee and Cooper?

They had a great time and were exhausted by the end.



196.  For the amazing growth of my licorice plant!



The growth had nothing to do with me.

It started out a small little guy and was not supposed to last the year,

but throughout the inches and inches of snow this winter it kept expanding!

I have 2 other of these plants as well,

each miraculously still alive.

Now, I know for the scientific minded there are some very good reasons why it is alive and well,

but I prefer to think of this as a sure sign of God’s love.

He knows I am not a green thumb and He knew I would appreciate the fact that this little beauty has become almost a bush.

197.  For brilliantly coloured* flowers.Image

How gorgeous!

*I used the “english” “colour” vs. the American “color” because quite frankly 

I like it! 

198.  For the fantastic gift Brian got from my parents, an October Glory Maple tree.

It is supposed to become a bright orange-leaved tree come fall.

(If I don’t kill it.)

199.  For Pandora which has kept me happily entertained today while cooking and moving about.

I had on the “Mumford and Sons” station all day and didn’t want to change the station once.

200.   For tick and flea preventative!

I am so happy that there is such a thing because I hate removing ticks!

I didn’t get it on early enough this year and had several to pluck from Cooper.

I must say, 

not my favorite thing to do.

But it was a great reminder to quickly pull out the “Frontline.”


“Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

-Robert Brault


2 responses to “For Heaven’s Sake

  1. what an awesome reminder to enjoy the little things…thank you!

    • yomicfit says:

      I have to give credit to Ann Voskamp who inspired me with her fantastic book “1,000 gifts” A must read! In this process of thanks, the more I look for things The more I see the small things. To God be the glory

      Thanks for reading !

      Sincerely, Michelle

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