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5K Plus Thanks Included

on June 18, 2013



I realize I was supposed to post over a week ago, 

but life got busy…

so here we are.

216.  Yolanda and I completed our 5k plus and had a blast!



It was a humid, but still pretty morning.

We hung some balloons and signs along the route for guidance and encouragement and prepared for the 4 mile walk.

We had with us:

Precious, (Yo’s daughter)

Andrew, (my brother) and 

my mom.

Yep.  That was all but it was great!




Along the walk,

we encounter an older gentleman with his dog, Tess.



217.  How sweet to see the excitement in his eyes,  people to converse with. 

They have to go on walks because they recently got a new puppy that is too active for poor Tess.

They enjoy these little walks.

We also ran into a lady on a bike.

She seemed a bit perturbed by something,

could it be us?

218.  I learned that not everyone needs to be happy back to me,

I am grateful for her response to teach me to really see others.

She looked frustrated at the balloons that we were carrying back with us.

She did not say “hello” in response to our greeting and passed us hurriedly.

We then were passed by two ladies,



219.  Their positive light as we spoke briefly about what we were doing,

was a joy!

It was fun to see other friends enjoying their walk.

And then the seemingly angry lady came back by us again,

this time even more annoyed by the balloons.

As she passed, I turned to Yolanda and two balloons got caught on a tree

 and loudly popped.

It sounded like a gun going off.

At that moment we saw the lady on the bike almost fall over!

What a walk!

We still had about 10 balloons left,

and then I caught a glimpse.

A little girl who was pointing at the balloons and smiling.

I ran up the hill and asked if she wanted them.

The father laughed and said “That would be nice! Thanks!”

220.  What pleasure to give a child something that will bring such joy!

As we approached the finish mark,

accomplishment was in the air.

Were we the fastest we had ever been?


But I still felt like it was a successful walk.

221.  At the end of the journey, we wrote what was holding us back from our health goals on the remaining balloons and released these weights into the atmosphere.


And on we move towards new goals or revisited old ones.

And next year,

who knows where we will be when we take on another 5k plus.

After the walk,

I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law in St. Louis where we enjoyed a key lime pie martini at Sub Zero in Central West End.





222. We stayed up too late, as per usual, catching up and discussing future plans.

Even though sleep was lost,

I wouldn’t take a second back.

The next day was a family reunion.



223.  I love people with a good sense of humor!

My cousin’s son is pretending to eat this hamburger cake

(my sis and I found it at Wal-Mart; so cute!)

which was probably a bigger hit than me being at the party.

Rain couldn’t keep us down!



My sister giving my cousin an “underdog” on the giant swing.

(An underdog is when you push someone as high as you can on a swing and then run under them.)

So she didn’t actually push him high enough,

but had fun trying.

224.  Family is family.  Bad, good, blessings, prayers, laughter, tears, anger, hurt, forgiveness and healing.  I thank God for my whole and quite big family!  They have helped shape who I am.



225.  On the drive home, I was able to witness some amazing cloud formations,

all the while not having to drive in any rain.


I attended another art class only to be disappointed at my performance.

226.  But I learned that I need to not give up, fight through the pain and also that what I am feeling  greatly reflects in my work.

Here is a look at this class:



This was the artists work.  What I would strive to achieve.

Impressionistic is not my forte I guess.


I found that part of my problem was I didn’t like the choice of landscape colors.

Another problem was that she didn’t allow us to draw with a pencil but we were to be “free.”


Still feeling o.k. about how I was doing and yet a long way from the end.

I didn’t see the storm approaching.


This is when it hit!

I moved some trees and messed up where I was going with the painting.

I started getting angry and the Kenny G in the background did not help!

I stopped taking pictures, 

left the room for a breather and had to force myself to keep going.

My instinct was to pick up the canvas and chuck it out the window!

I was there til 10:00 (long after the others left) and with credit to our teacher who patiently wanted to help me make the painting “mine.”

Here is the finished product.



I am moving forward,

past this disaster.

The next day I headed back to St. Louis.

227.  I was able to spend some time with Brian’s sister and family.

We spent time talking and eating

and some fantastic time floating in their pool.



Plus a trip to Trader Joe’s,

to pick up a yummy treat (228) !


If you have never tried these dark chocolate covered almonds,

you should.

229.  We had a great time with Brian’s choir group on Saturday night.


We had the outside all set up for our dinner party when the radar showed some good sized storms coming right for us.

So…we packed it all up and brought the party inside.

We had tons of food and lots to drink,

but best of all great company.

230.  Finally, we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad on Sunday morning.

Mom had made this fantastically rich chocolate and cheesecake layered dessert!


Needless to say,

I have had some full weeks and not to slow down,

two more trips to St. Louis this week.

My blessings abound!



10 responses to “5K Plus Thanks Included

  1. thisismelly says:

    Loved your 5k event! Thanks for the invite – even though I couldnt make it over to the bridge, I did make it over my bridge – the ANZAC bridge for a (slightly longer) walk; 7kms! Thought of you while I was walking with Harley! xx

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful art works! Yummy chocolate cake 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

  3. Oh my, those chocolate photos looked sooooo yummy! Hey, we went right by the St. Louis arch on our trip home from Delaware! ( Unfortunately it was miles away but I got a picture anyway!) Happy 4th and keep running toward health my friend. Blessings, (oh and congrats on receiving two more awards from our mutual friend Liam)

  4. vision5d2012 says:

    Such wonderful photos! Congrats on your 5K walk. Sounds and looks as though you had a ton of fun! Blessings to you. So good to be with you again, Alia

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