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Summer’s Wake

on July 8, 2013



Summer has arrived,

by means of freshly crisp watermelon,

a bouquet of lilac hitting my nose on the path to 5k,

brilliant fireflies in the distant woods upon twilight,

charcoal fires in the bar-be-que slowly graying

followed by the sizzle of raw meat on the hot and waiting grate,

greetings of family and friends as drinks are poured and conversations begin,

roaring engines as highway miles accumulate and home seems but a resting place,

coolness against sweating skin as I splash into the bluest pool water already full of children playing,

brilliant colors shooting up in the sky as fireworks give way to the dark night,

phone at the ready to get one more picture to capture each moment lived to the fullest,

tanned skin next to the blank canvas not privy to the sun,

flip flops in every color and style letting toes mingle in the light,

coconut hinted sun screen, fragrant blooms, freshly mowed grass, bbq chicken, sweet fruit ripe for eating, chlorinated pool water (perhaps my favorite summer smell),

a great summer read feeling deliciously heavy in hands,

anticipation growing,

birthday coming…what will this next year bring?

In the summer’s wake,

a symphony of sounds, an array of sights, and melange of tastes and smells.

In summer’s wake,

I am left peaceful, spent and ready for more.





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