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Bug Love

on July 23, 2013


This is my new bug!
I am in love.

My journey to find “the” one was a bit of a process,
But well worth it!

We started looking online to find my fantasy-
A salsa red & tan beetle convertible.
These are not easy to come by locally.

The search became real when we went to see the closest VW dealership in Columbia.

Joe Machens VW

We have not had great experiences with car salesmen,
So Brian and I weren’t real eager to begin the process.

And then we met Frank!
Frank was laid back,
No pressure, easy going and a pleasure to work with!
From the beginning we felt very comfortable with him.

We test drove a white bug,
But I couldn’t imagine
months down the road being happy because it wasn’t my dream.
And if we committed to going through with this,
Why not go all the way!
Which meant Salsa red and tan.

So, after spending literally all day with Frank,
We left him with our must-have list and kept up the search online.

Frank checked in with us and we kept in contact over the next couple of weeks.
He was trying to get us my dream,
But we ended up finding it online.

So sorry, Frank!
You were great to work with!!!
The best experience I had as a woman looking for a car.

After finding one in St Louis,
We called the dealership to get information and to start the process of a possible buy.
But after only two conversations,
We decided they would not be the dealership for us!
We wanted to work with honest and courteous people.

We realized to get my bug would mean traveling outside of the state.
The online search continued.
Until that fateful day when we decided to check on this shiny red dream machine about 400 miles away.

That fated dealership was in Naperville, Illinois.
(Which I believe to be a suburb of Chicago. )

Bill Jacobs VW

We first spoke with Jessica,
Friendly and warm without being pushy,
She found all of the answers to our questions.
She laid down a positive first impression.

When we reached an agreement,
We were then put in contact with Lauri,
Who was our main contact through the rest of the process.

Come to find out,
Lauri is my birthday sister and such an easy person to speak with.
She is quick to reassure and has a way to put your mind at ease.

It is such a big deal to decide to purchase a car before a test drive,
Drive by or sneak peak.
Hundreds of miles away!

We had a long list of musts:
-VW dealer
-Certified, bumper to bumper warranty
-lower mileage
-clean Carfax
-good deal/right value
-of course Salsa Red & Tan
2009-2010 beetle convertible
(I wanted the bug look, 2010 was the last year VW made the body style I like)

The boxes were ticked and we decided to go for it!
It was a 6 & 1/2 hour trip there which started at 4:00 am (yes 4:00 in the morning!)
but upon arrival,
We were greeted with such enthusiasm!

It seemed as if everyone in the dealership knew which car we were there for.

It shone beautifully on the showroom floor,
Gleaming as I rushed to check it out.

It was gorgeous !
As Brian spoke with Lauri,
I inched my way around the car.

I didn’t even notice that Brian had surprised me by making sure they put on a tan pinstripe and that they supplied a flower for the vase (tie-dyed) and VW tie-dye bear.

How sweet!
It could not possibly get any more perfect!

I must say first that my husband has been so great.
He has not only supported me in this dream,
But wanted to make sure I got exactly
What I wanted.

Back to the dealership,
Lauri was fantastic and Donnie and the manager and all the staff were tremendous!
Each seemed equally thrilled with our purchase and proud of the car and the role they played in making it happen.

It was fun!
I loved that they took pride in their work,
Were clearly professional
And wanted to make sure my experience was all it should be!

So thank you to Bill Jacobs VW (everyone- from the people cleaning and detailing and inspecting to Lauri and Donnie)
for helping my dream to come true!

The drive home was a blast as we cruised through even standstill traffic,
With the peace only achieved in a VW bug it seems.

Below are some of the fantastic sights on the 6 1/2 hour drive home.
(Half of which was spent with the top down, breeze blowing through our hair, music pumping and a smile glued to my face!)

With Lauri, my birthday sister
(Big hug to you Lauri!)








7 responses to “Bug Love

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    Congratulations on getting the car you wanted! Was this a birthday present to yourself by chance? Years ago I got my hands on a low-milage ’96 Integra. I still have it, and she now has more than 360,000 km. on her. Have you given your car a name yet?

    • yomicfit says:

      Lol. No name- yet… Still thinking She deserves something brilliant! Kind of a bday present. You just can’t be mad around a bug& I absolutely love to make people smile!

      Sincerely, Michelle

  2. Angie says:

    Yay a new car!!!! and a, convertible too, Enjoy!!! and Congratulations!!!

  3. BeWithUs says:

    Have a wonderful weekend together with that lovely car! Cheers~ πŸ˜€

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