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Writing With Nora

on January 8, 2014


(Nora Ephron)


Dear Friends

How should I begin a new post when I have neglected the blogging world for quite some time?

What can I say other than,

I was uninspired.

Maybe it was the fact that I was too busy living in the present.

(Does that sound cliche enough?)

Giving all I had to family and friends.

Well…could I say that?

All I had?


Maybe I was burnt out.

Too many expectations for myself on what I had to say.

I have never considered my posts “genius” or “unique” or “gutsy” or “exciting.”

They were me and what I had to offer.

Plain and simply put,

me in words.


This is my un-apology.

I can’t say “sorry” for not writing when in fact 

I am not.

And yet,

I missed the community of support that comes with blogging.

The feeling that what I have to say may matter to someone.

The understanding that we all can express ourselves honestly and openly and without guilt or punishment.

My selfish hope is that someone out there will respond and will “like” what I have to say.

That maybe the community is not as harsh as my own judgment.

Why is pushing that “publish post” button the hardest thing I have done all day?


You see I have been inspired once more by a book.

“The Most of Nora Ephron.”

An anthology of her works.


(The last time it was by “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.

Which moved me so much, I thought I could come close to writing one thousand things I was thankful for

last year-

never make a New Year’s Resolution.  

A noble and unsuccessful attempt was made.)


Now, I am reaching into my inner writer.

You know the one,

the one that says, “there is brilliance, a story, a few great words, inspiration, a novel all locked away in my brain.”

I just need to release it through my fingertips.


Nora has done that to me.

I feel as if I am writing with Nora.

She passed away last year and I was so sad.

I love her works on screen, 

“When Harry Met Sally”  

“You’ve Got Mail”

“Sleepless In Seattle”

“Julie & Julia.”


She was,

and is,

the author I would most want to emulate.

This book connected me with some of her other equally well-written works,

but most importantly it helped me to understand her better.

I felt like I needed to know this woman who seemed to understand the world as I would like to see it.

Full of optimism and hope and love and happy endings.

And as a now known addition to that list,

 full of revisions.


What I have found is that:

1.  she is someone I would have loved to share coffee and conversation with,

2.  she and I don’t agree on everything, but we would find “our” thing and talk without reservation on it,

(probably about food)

3.  she and I share a love of food and the idea that dinner parties should be long lasting and carefree,

(in other words, plan your meal so that you can enjoy your company),

she included recipes in her books and was fascinated with the whole world of food,

4.  she was in favor of re-writing and re-writing again.  

This she felt was not only true in her books, but in life.

She said it best, “Revise now, before it’s too late.”

5.  she was very political.  She definitely had her platforms and she could have ran for office with quite a huge following,

6.  she wrote with honesty and always from what she knew.  She was in her fiction.

Sally was based on herself (in “When Harry Met Sally),

and she wrote other fiction that only needed a few name changes to make it fact,

and finally

7.  what a shame that I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her!

 I know I would have liked her for being the kind of person that wants to make the world a better place, 

one good dinner party at a time!


An odd thing happened while I was savoring every single page and word,

during one of my breaks I was thinking of how much I learned about Nora.

I thought, “but I don’t know what she did on Sunday mornings.”

And do you know that the very next article I read was about what she did on Sunday mornings?

(In case you just need to know, watch the morning talk shows and make breakfast.)

It was just the sort of thing that she would appreciate.

The little nothings that happen and mean absolutely nil to anyone but you.


Write it down, she would say.

Can I guarantee that I will post something every day?


Lesson learned, I will not make any kind of blogging new year resolutions.


I will say this,

Thank you, Nora for living up to what I would expect and more.

Now I know that while in life

you had your fair share of drama,

you had works that took ages to perfect,

there were a lot of revisions,

 but there were also a lot of happy endings.

Most of which revolved around food.


5 responses to “Writing With Nora

  1. Amy says:

    Welcome back! That is a beautiful tribute to Nora!

  2. Holli says:

    Welcome back! Hope all is well in your world 🙂

  3. It is such a pleasure to have you writing once again, you’ve been missed! I agree that Nora Ephron was a fabulous writer and she will be missed. She was indeed funny without the filth. That would be a great blog for you – if you could sit down to a diner party with three to five friends who would they be and why. Anyway welcome back and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Blessings,

    • yomicfit says:

      Thanks so much!
      You (and fellow bloggers) are what help keep me blogging!
      The community is so fantastic & supportive!
      Great ideas!!
      I may use that idea in the near future.

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