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A Glimpse (With Photos) part one

on January 9, 2014


Since my last post in 2013,
I thought I would do a brief summary of the rest of my year.
A glimpse, with photos.
I couldn’t really remember what I did until I looked back through my pictures.
It was a good year!

The first picture being of
Our new niece.
Olivia was welcomed into the world in September and has a closet any baby would be proud of.
Shoes, dresses, onesies and
Let’s not forget about the hair pieces!!
What more could a girl want?
Oh, right…
Her family loves her dearly.
She is an adorable addition to her brother who is into her almost as much as he is to cars.

(Julia and the oh so grateful Cooper)

Another big deal of 2013
Is that my twin & her family are here from Australia for two years!!

We are so excited that my brother-in-law was able to work from home while still employed at the Sydney Morning Herald.

The family has a house, the kids are in school and they are settling in to American life-
I must say they chose the whitest winter to be here.
Which is a great thing for the kids,
Who have never had the pleasure of getting up early to find out you have a snow day.
And who have missed almost a week so far this year!
(That’s right. They have been bombarded with winter!)

Capital City Cork & Provisions

I have had some great time with my friends.
Driving with the top down, going to movies, drinking wine, playing games, listening to a book on cd, dancing, singing off key, talking & solving the worlds problems.
All of which have been accompanied by tasty treats.

We took a family trip to Georgia & South Carolina for my brothers wedding.

My family is large.
Wonderfully big.
Seven of us kids,
Spouses and their kids,
Plus our uncle
(In total there were 20 in the house).
And you have a rental house full to bursting.

I found the time glorious,
And as with everything fun,
Too quick.
Gorgeous weather.
A very delicious key lime pie.
A shopping adventure in search of (& successful in) a dress for my niece.
Playing in the pool & hot tub.
Walking at sunrise on the beach with my hubby.
Celebrating my uncles birthday.
Lots of fishing stories.
Jellyfish stings & the antidote –
Sit at the edge of the water and scrub sand roughly over the stings and then wash it off in the water.
(Leave it to my sis, the Australian, to have the answer. )
Watching the dolphins leap in and out as they moved across the expansive sea.
Eating, eating & more eating.
Wedding vows.
Dancing the night away- some of which has been captured and hopefully not used against anyone.
Laughter, hugs, yelling, more hugs, food.
Did I mention food?
Exploration of a lighthouse ,
Which actually took less time than eating our lunch.
Shopping for local art.
Packing up.
Leaving things behind.
Promising to do it all again.

Here’s a look:











The year continued as will this post.




2 responses to “A Glimpse (With Photos) part one

  1. Bekki says:

    Wonderful recap! Let’s go back to SC! 🙂

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