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The Beeping Closet

on January 27, 2014



It’s Sunday morning.

Early Sunday morning.

How early, you ask?

Early enough.

And there is a beeping that has me mad.


Let’s go back though to Friday night.

Friday night we attended a musical put on by a local playgroup.

“Nunsense” is a hilarious take on a group of nuns trying to raise money to bury some of their fellow sisters 

who had passed away while eating a soup poisoned unknowingly by one of the nuns  who was also the not-so-great cook.

Lots of laughs, enjoyable singing and involvement with the audience led to a fun night with our friends and family.

Which led to feeling a bit energized after the show.


So since we weren’t quite ready to go to bed,

we thought we would catch up on some of our recorded shows.

“The Taste” was first on the list,

and we couldn’t wait to find out which contestants would go home and what fantastic spoonfuls would the judges get to take a bite of.

We love this show because first of all the judges are great chef’s who obviously know what they are doing when it comes to the kitchen, also they are entertaining with their sarcastic wit, or delicately described dishes or their ability to know that one missing element that needs to be added to make a perfect spoon.

The contestants are a mix of wonderful stories you hope leads into winning

and over confident people you don’t mind seeing go home.

I mean this one girl just will not listen to her mentor, Nigella.

She needs to go home!  Yet she is still there and not because she can cook.  

She just skates on by.   Making food not quite horrible enough to send her packing.

This is what makes a great show- 

a controversial player staying in the game while clearly they should not be there when compared to the competent and likable contestants.

You are cheering for the good and booing the bad.


Well, when we finished that show,

I had to watch American Idol.

I mean this season (so far) exceeds the last 5 years in watchability. 

Harry Connick Jr. just absolutely makes this season worthwhile.


It was late and we should have just gone to bed,

but no…

And so it was after 1:30 when our heads hit our pillows.

We knew,


we knew that the next morning would come quickly.


The alarms went off at 7:00 a.m. in harmony.

We had to get up and pack and get the dogs stuff ready and shower and be ready to go

for my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law who were picking us up. 

We were going to St. Louis to ultimately see our nephew in his high school play.


Boy, did we know we were going to be tired.

But I took a shot of delicious Nespresso and prepared in a hurry.

Off we went with a stop at Costco.

A long stop.

Have you been to Costco??

I mean every few moments you have to stop and try another sample.

(This is not a bad thing.)

What we sampled:

a shot of juice (made from a juicer they were pushing- no thanks),

pretzel bread  (so now we have to create a party to use the 16 rolls purchased thanks to the sample),

orange slices,

pear slices,

a cracker with huge amount of spinach dip (absolutely had us thinking about getting the vat of dip),

a burrito,

pasta and to finish it all off,

several samples of “Fitz” rootbeer.

This should have been enough for the whole day,

but of course this was just an appetizer for lunch.


Next up we went to lunch,

I know I know,

but we were just going to have something light.

Edgewild is a winery and restaurant.

The decor is  rustic modern and ambient.

A mix of wood beams and metal, we felt cozy and comfortable.


I chose to try the fish tacos

(of course I think it was named something more spectacular).

It was grouper with cabbage, cilantro and an avocado cream sauce.


This was the best fish taco I have ever had!

The texture was a perfect blend of crunchy and soft and the flavors were amazing with a subtle kick in the end.

Definitely this chef was inspired by “The Taste.”

We had to share some dessert, I mean you don’t have a delicious main and then forget the dessert.

So we shared a half-baked chocolate chip cookie with cinnamon ice cream.

Gooey and chocolatey goodness.

Now our meal was complete.


After lunch and our Costco provided appetizers we probably should have worked out or walked a couple of miles,

but what did we do?

We checked into the hotel and watched a movie.


Our nephew’s play was a mystery.

Based on Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians,”

basically these 10 characters were getting murdered one-by-one.

Who did it?

Our nephew.

He was confident and convincing.

We were proud and happy to have had the opportunity to witness his moment.


The after-party was at my sister-in-laws with pizza and salad and dessert.

We had a great time catching up with family and suddenly it was time to go back to the hotel.

Once again we were up late and were planning on getting up early on Sunday,

which leads me to Sunday morning.


At 5:30 a.m. I was sleeping beautifully sound,

that was until there was a loud beeping.

Brian thought it was my phone alarm.

I thought it was his.






It kept screaming at us.

I get up (tired and now angry) and start the search.

And then I found it.

Locked behind a closet door.

The beeping seemed to taunt us,

“You can’t get to me.  Beep!

Wake up.   Beep!”



So it was 5:30 on Sunday morning and we were tired but

we got up and got ready for church and went about our day.

No pleasant nap mid-day,

but a busy flurry of activity.


Sleep lost,

will never be found again.

And time well spent is never regretted.

The moral of the story?

Don’t give up the people and things you enjoy just for some sleep.

Yes I can get cranky in the morning after little sleep,

but nothing a little coffee can’t fix.

Oh- and the other moral-

bring some noise canceling headphones to your hotel.












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