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And He Breathed Life Into Me

I have been on a hiatus of sorts. 

I started working again. 

Not of need, but of want. For more. 

That itch had started within my heart. 

“Now. ” It whispered. 

I was ready. 

It had been 3 years. Of healing. 

Of breathing. Of family. 

A lift up after being thrown down. 

3 miscarriages. 20 months of hopes, dreams, disappointing endings, sadness. Grief took over. 

Forever those who have lost and I will share an unspoken understanding. 

But I also know the joys of what I had and my eyes were opened upon my healing. 

God breathed life into me. Yet again. 

As He did at my beginning and everyday since. 

He has shown me early on. 


“Bring them to Me.”

I take a deep breath. It is His. 

I am filled and then some. 

The gift of my work is through the Spirit. The joy of surrender. 

I say, ” Take over. Love them through me. Teach them through me.”

Deep breath. Ah. Life. 


And so He breathes life into me and I want to share it with you and my students and my family. 

It spills out of me. As it should. 

Imperfectly I try to pass it on. 

That life sustaining breath. 

Take a deep breath. It is His. 

Feel peace. Love. Healing. Joy. 

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