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A Final Glimpse part 3

The last of the year.

Why not enjoy the last few months with family?


Bekki, Annie & I visited the St. Louis Science Center & spotted a large dinosaur.
Nothing Annie couldn’t handle!

However house hunting brought out her silly (yet still adorable) side.


A visit to my bro and sis-in-law meant having my favorite pizza!!!
Spin Pizza!

Absolutely the best service,
Family friendly atmosphere &
This chewy yet crisp crust,
The perfect blend of sweet yet flavorful, and the toppings are the perfect amount of yumminess.


Evan loved having Annie to play with
And Olivia loved spending time with her aunts,
But Coogee & Cooper had the best time getting love from everyone!





Before I knew it Thanksgiving was here!
Which meant the following :
The Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade,
Preparing a side dish (creamy mashed potatoes) to accompany mom’s humongous turkey & fabulous stuffing & dads homemade soft and tasty rolls, Bekki’s pumpkin pie & this year a cherry meringue pie (a surprisingly hit!) & Melissa’s crisp salad,
A prayer where everyone shares what they are thankful for,
And of course
The strategizing, mapping & planning of Black Friday (or this year Thursday) shopping.




And then…
Out of the blue…
My shopping senses were tingling.
We must go now!
There was a great deal on a tv that was a must for my sis & bro-in-law!


So it was a crazy 16 hours of lines and lists and phone calls and terrible coffee and more lists and ads
But most importantly great deals!
My sis and I had a 4 hour nap and then went at it again for another 4 hours.
We accomplished a lot and felt a little tired but mostly satisfied.

The weekend festivities ended with a movie night
watching “Frozen” with all of the other families that also thought it was a great way to end Thanksgiving.

I have to say
The movie was fantastic!
Hilarious and sweet with great songs and of course a happy ending.

In December I had minor surgery.
Which is a story for another day.
Briefly said-
All is well.
I have a great doctor, fantastically supportive family, an amazing husband who took care of me and I feel great.

Then came the most special night-
Christmas Eve.


My husband sings in our church choir,
This year they were scheduled for midnight.
It was glorious,
As I always feel,
The angels joined in and the stars were out and the air was crisp.
The glory of The Lord was upon us and the meaning of Christmas hung brighter than the moon.


Our family celebrated in the usual fashion ,
With sweets and treats and lots of good eats.
Plus a room loaded with presents.










We made time for playing around,
And Let’s face it,
The kids needed to work off some candy.

I had my best game ever bowled!
A 158 with a turkey (three strikes in a row) and then I bowled the usual not so great game.

And then it was over and everyone headed back home.
The Christmas blues hit hard –
And as can happen with a large family – so did the sickness.

And so while it was the end of 2013,
It’s the beginning of a new year.
Full of opportunities and possibilities and chances to love and laugh and share.
And most importantly to give back to those who mean the most to us and to those we have yet to bring into our lives.
Happy 2014!










Another Glimpse part 2


Fall came soon after our return from my brothers wedding.

I welcomed fall with open arms and a top that was hardly ever up.
My car, my new baby, my bug,
gladly whizzing people to and fro.
I was just along for the ride.


We had received the best gift from my parents,
A brilliant orange leaf maple.
Still young,
It didn’t have as many leaves as it’s neighboring oaks,
And yet those few stood out in all their October Glory.


The Cardinals were in the World Series.
Ah the Cards.
We went to the best game of the whole series.
Game 3 where we won from an obstruction call.
Crazy fun.
And then they lost.
I still love ya, Cards!


One of my favorite holidays is Halloween.
Weird. I know.
But I love the imagination and free candy and kids doing what they do best- imitating and pretending and enjoying life.
We have a part every year.
We go all out.
I enlist my friend and her kids to help decorate and set up and transform our house.

Our annual party had all the makings of a great night…
A theme- A Night At The Movies,
Games (name that movie, movie charades…),
And of course a piƱata!
We had so much fun with family and friends cramming into each living space.
It was so much fun that it took me two days to clean up.




And then there was Pink!
Where do I begin?
My sisters and Kevin (bro-in-law) and I went to the “Truth about Love” Pink tour.
It was fabulous!
In my “top concerts of all time” category.
Her songs had us dancing and singing along the whole time.
We did not sit.
This was Pink!!
And she rocked.





I know you are thinking,
“Surely that’s it. ”
But my year is not over yet!
To be continued …

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Second Home St. Louis


St Louis has been the story of my life
The last several weeks.

Four separate trips.
Each 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Not terribly long drives
Just enough time to realize all radio stations get old after a while.

231. I was so fortunate to spend some more time with Brian’s sisters!
Not everyone can say they have great in-laws, but I am very fortunate.

232. Laura & I enjoyed some time floating around her pool.
What a luxury that is!

233.<emOur beautiful niece Sydney, plus Diane (Brians sis) & I enjoyed dollar burger night in Cental West End at Bar Louie .

Fantastically cheap
cheese dripping off
sink your teeth into burgers.
Basket of fries for the table.
Patio seat because the weather is so nice.

234.We continued our evening at The Cup for a delectable treat!


I enjoyed a “Hope” cupcake which was a soft strawberry with vanilla buttercream frosting. Why don’t I have pictures of my food?!
Oh right, my phone died.

I wanted pics of us and our evening but oh well…

235.Moving on, we went to The Muny and laughed our way through “Monty Python’s SpamALot.”

The Muny is set in the beautiful and lush Forest Park and is an outdoor theatre.

The night was a picture perfect,
Moon out,
Not too cool and not too warm
Theatre made

I found the show hilarious!
John O’Hurley played King Arthur,
As most of the play was from
The Holy Grail.
If you know Monty Python,
You know it’s mostly silly.

Brian introduced me to the videos
way back when.
I really think he would have enjoyed the show.

236. I continued my few days in St Louis as I went to stay with my nephews til the next day when Nanna was arriving.

Little time was actually spent together as they are teens and have a lot going on.
But we were able to go see the new Superman movie.

It was good!
A little too much violence at the end,
But overall I loved the actors/actresses in it and it kept my attention.

In the end I was mostly alone while there.
Even Al, the puggle, kept to himself.


237. Brian & I were back in the city for,
count ’em, two Cardinals games in a row.


Brian and I went with his dad and step-mom on Friday night
And with Yolanda and Precious on Saturday.

We lost both,
But they were still fun!
We were very lucky because on days that topped out in the 90’s with high humidity,
238. we had really nice evenings (besides the rain on Saturday).

The sweetest thing happened on Friday.
We sit by the visitors dugout,
And some visiting fans were right behind us when a player threw a ball towards these fans (adorable little boys).
My hubby caught the ball and handed it to these little guys.
Brian’s first catch at a game.
First game ball and he selflessly hands it over.
Awww. So sweet!

You know there is a little boy in every man at a ball game!
So I applaud the ability to stifle that inner,
“It’s my ball! I caught it!”

Saturday we had our ponchos on as we waited for the rain to stop and the game to start.
It was actually a little cooler that night and this was Yolanda and Precious first game at the “new” Busch Stadium.

239. I am so happy we were able to go with these lovely ladies!

We had fun trying to catch t-shirts,
Walking around and trying out the food.

They were excited to try out the super big nachos!


240. We found a great New York style pizza place in St Louis!

Racanellis has a great chewy crust with bigger slices to properly fold and engulf the sweet sauce and delicious toppings.

I loved the Tomato Basil pizza.
As a picky pizza person,
I was so happy to find this place!

We had a full weekend and everyone was exhausted for the ride home.

Coogee, not a good car rider, freaking out in her way as
Cooper (per usual) crashed out snoring almost the whole way back.

More adventures to come!

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Sweet Nothing’s


201. I am so excited to see my poppies!
Bright and crinkled petals bend towards the suns light.
The colors seem almost painted on as they are a shade not often seen in nature.
They were lovely before the rain crept in and they lowered towards the earth.
Perhaps just until the sun comes back to perk them up.

202. For the daycare workers and teachers in Oklahoma who put their lives at risk for the children’s sake.
Any parent that may wonder if your child’s teacher would do the same,
Trust me when I say they would.
These men and women choose to daily do a difficult but rewarding task.
And when they go through education and training,
it may not occur to them that they may be put in such situations where they may be able to physically save a child.
But they do and would and will.
Thank God for them.

203. For the big hearts of people who adopt pets!


Zoey was in need of a new home or she was going to be brought to the shelter.
I couldn’t see that happen.
Brian and I didn’t think we could handle 3, mainly because we didn’t want to disrupt our pack that is a pretty smooth machine most days.

So my brother’s mother-in-law adopted her. Dyanne & Gary have great big hearts and rescue often with the intent to find homes but end up falling in love.
Thus, they have a large and beautiful pack!

Zoey is doing well and playing a lot with her new brothers and sisters.

Brian and I love Zoey and were actually heart broken to give her away.
The dogs got along with her but Cooper seemed a bit upset that she was taking his cuddle spots.
We just didn’t want to risk his behavior changing back to when we first rescued him.

Still…she is this fantastic dog and now in a great home!

If you have any doubt about adopting ,
I have seen that most dogs are so ready to love and be loved!

Check out your local shelter,
You could find your own perfect pet!

204. For each new beginning.
I have been struggling with food issues and working out.
I do so well and then slide back into bad habits.
But today I have chosen health.

205. For finding reasons to work out.
Saturday I walked a little over 4 miles in just over 56 minutes.
I was working hard the whole time!
I kept thinking,
“I have to beat my last time of 58 minutes.”
Clouds hung low as I began, but I was determined.
As I made my way closer to the 3 mile mark, the thunder exploded.
I prayed that it not pour down til I got back and more importantly that I not get struck by lightening!
I made it with just a few drops having made their way to my head.

Today I chose my favorite Yoga Booty Ballet routine.


It was a great beginning to my day!

206. For funny stories that God knows I get a kick out of.
Friday evening, I look out the window and see a deer along the fence on the side of our yard.
A sight we see pretty regularly,
Yet I am always caught off guard.

I watch in amazement, as I always find them so graceful.
He was eating leaves from the trees all around him almost ferociously,
Which at the time I found kind of funny.

A few hours later I take the dogs out to do their business.
Normally the deer run immediately away.
Cooper and Coogee don’t have the best eyesight and it was getting just dark enough that they didn’t notice him.

Then a rabbit ran in front of Cooper and off he goes chasing it as it slides under the fence and near the deer.
I figured he would run for sure,
But no!
Cooper then spots this large animal and bravely approaches the fence where they smell each others noses.

I am standing in amazement!
No I didn’t grab my camera!
I know!!!

Then the deer head butts the fence and Cooper runs quickly off.
Coogee was watching and is now in mamma mode.
She runs up barking at the deer.
The deer then head butts the fence again and is trying to ram his way in!

I was kind of in
“What do I do? This has never happened before” thinking.

I go closer thinking at any moment he will bolt off.

He makes some growling noises and is clearly not happy with me.
Not in the least is he making any attempt to leave.

I want Coogee to leave him alone and stop barking and honestly he was scaring me!

I thought at any moment he was going to easily leap over the fence (which was very possible) and come after us.
(Ok I know he is just a deer, but have you seen their muscular legs?!)

I bang the bar-be-cue lid and eventually he did turn and leap off into the darkness.
Coogee triumphantly ran back to me,
Proud of her work.

The next several times they went out,
Both were a bit timid.

He returned the next evening but was not so eager to stick around.

This is Coogee barking at the deer.


207. For our riding lawn mower!
Is it strange that it’s one chore that I don’t hate?

208. For The Brick House Deli.


I love their wraps !

209.For flip flop weather!
It’s here! Warm weather is back!
Break out the flip flops that go with everything!

210. For the sweetness of watermelon and strawberries and peaches!
I love my summer fruits !

There is so much sweetness in those little moments and nothings.
Have you noticed?


Grazie Mille


172. A million thanks for bright and fragrant flowers!
I was eager to fill our flower beds this spring.
I could not wait, as they looked dry and devoid of life.
It wasn’t until last week that I heard that you should wait until after Mothers Day to plant.
Oops. Oh well, silly as it may seem I pray for our plants.

I just feel so inadequate as a gardener but I know in the end
I am just a caretaker of Gods beautiful gifts.


173. For my goofy dogs.

Coogee keeps bringing toys outside & then leaves them.
This morning I picked this one up to bring back inside & she tackled it out of my hands.
She didn’t play with it,
But was basically saying “leave it there!”

They keep me laughing and give me so much love.



174. For nice spring weather!
It’s been hit and miss but we have had a few days where we could enjoy our deck, and walk outside,
and mow the lawn,
And smile at the sun.


175. For great food !

Beware some of these you may gain weight just from looking at!

Brian’s vanilla bean cake
And a grape cream-tini

Dixie Cream Donuts

I swear that I could win a donut eating contest.
I have a huge weakness for donuts.


This was the best potato soup I have had.


A St Louis treat, gooey butter cake with caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream.

176. For views and scenery, that if we look are all sound us.


177. For coffee with my friend, Paula.

A cinnamon roll with orange glaze.

Paula and I talk a lot about faith and seem to always pass hours in what seems like minutes.

178. For my walk this morning.
I was able to reach today’s goal of 4 miles in under an hour.
(58 minutes.)

179. For the encouragement from my friends.

Yolanda and Staci are two of my greatest friends.
Always there with a smile and laugh.
Some days that is just what you need!

180. For my playlists of motivating songs.
These provide the soundtrack to my life and get me moving.

Where would I be without music?
On the couch?

181. For lotion that smells like sweetness.

182. For that really great Gellato commercial.

I love it!
The couple is fighting (in Italian) but reunite over Gellato.

In my heart, I am Italian so I find myself wanting to only hear the Italian and not read the subtitles.
I have to actually use the Totale Brian got for me so that I may converse so poetically in the loveliest language of all.

183. For shoe choices.

Isn’t it great to pick out a different pair of shoes depending on how you feel?

184. For vehicles to take us from one place to another.
We aren’t stuck in one spot, but are free to move and explore.

185. For the US, where we are really blessed to feel freedom over fear.

186. For prayers and the faith that they are heard and answered.

187. For Starbucks always coming up with new coffee treats!
They have a Carmel crunch frap that I will have to try.
A yummy summer fave, the mocha cookie crunch frap is back too.

Some days, need I tell you how much one of these is appreciated?

188. For being able to discuss “The Voice” & “American Idol” with Brian.

What can I say?!
I love to see new talent!

189. For showers, today especially !
After my walk this morning,
came work on the lawn.
Yes. A nice blend of sweat and fresh cut grass.
I smelled great.
So…a shower was gratifying.

190. For a girls get together with my sisters-in-law.
We are going to probably laugh a lot and catch up on life.
Finally, it feels like a long time coming.

fino alla prossima volta…
(Until next time- see it is better in Italian!)

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Counting My Blessings


148. I am protected and shielded and guarded by God.

One morning I was walking by myself on the 5k path where my friend and I train every week.

It starts in a very wooded park.

It was dark and I have quite the imagination!

So as I am picturing some creep jumping out at me,
I also see myself fighting as if there is no tomorrow.
He would not want to mess with me!

And then I envision the best help ever-
Two big guardian angels walking behind me.
I mean big!
As in bad!

You know,
Saying “she is a child of God.
Don’t even think about coming close to her!”

I was smiling as I was moving.
They were there.
I just knew it.
How much more secure could I feel?


149. The example and strength of those who go before us help inspire me to be a better “me.”

I read this book about the life of Padre Pio and was uplifted by the amazing heart he had.
This wasn’t that long ago that he led so many to Jesus.

He was born in Italy in 1887 and died in 1968.
From the start he was unlike any other.
Often running from his friends when they said bad words,
He was drawn to the sense of obedience.

He was tormented by the devil as much as he was guided by Jesus.
He is known because he bore the stigmata for much of his life.

Many received miraculous healings in his presence and conversions were often made after speaking with him in the confessional.
There is so much about his story that I didn’t know. The torment he endured from not only demons but from people within the church.

I urge you to read this book that is very well done.
I finished in a couple of days,
As I was drawn into his world.

The most important message I received was obedience to our Father and true love of neighbor.


150. Great fiction, steeped in fact, stimulates my thinking and creativity.

I love the works of Jodi Picoult because of her ability to write about subjects that are challenging.

This book revolved around the holocaust.
Written from the viewpoints of a survivor and a Nazi, this book is cleverly done.

You can tell Jodi does a lot of research as she always includes tons of actual facts.

There were twists and turns to the very end.
I am always left saying,
“No!!! Don’t end there!”
It’s almost torment to finish her stories.

Another great work and very thought provoking.
I didn’t even realize that I was finished reading it at the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance week.

A topic that seems to touch all of us,
I am deeply moved by movies and stories of one of the most tragic times in history.

There are people today in different regions that still have experienced being killed and tortured and cast out of their homes.

Modern day holocausts include Darfur.
Here is information on Darfur.
Genocide in Darfur

I hope you will join me in praying today (and often) for those suffering from these atrocious occurrences.

We are all human.

We are called to love.

The images shown,
Brings me to tears and feelings of helplessness.
And then I remember that shield.
The one that covers me.

I pray Father that you cover and protect your children.
I claim them in your name and pray for their peace and protection.

Let us all picture that covering wing over these most lovely people.


151. Thank God for the beauty I am privileged to touch and smell and see and hear every day.

The freedom that I live in is very appreciated.

I am happy to say these awareness weeks plant seeds of gratefulness in me.

I must not take for granted one free breath,(152.)
Step, (153.)
Peaceful rest,(155.)
Belly full of food,(156.)
Warm home,(157.)
Opportunity. (158.)


So it’s not perfect,
But this is my latest product from my art class.

159.My art teacher, Ann is enthusiastic in encouraging me to keep coming back.

I get lost in time,
As I move over the blank canvas with determination.
“This one will be the best I have done. ”
“I will take my time to get this right. ”

Ann lets us stay and work til we are done.
The 2 hour time frame is always abandoned and I am so grateful!!

160. Zumba is tonight!

I love Zumba because its dance at its most passionate state.
Mostly Latin based,
Hips are moving as fast as our feet!

I am always smiling while we dance and we always sweat like crazy!

Once again I am so amazed at the amount of blessings in my life!
Until next time,
Don’t forget to count your blessings!


Food, Food and More Food


This weekend we rushed off to Overland Park, Kansas with Brian’s family.

I love Overland Park,
As we visit often because my brother lives near there.
We have learned over time
That there are some
(well…quite a few )
excellent places to enjoy a good meal.

But the weekend started with a trip to the hotel bar where our bartenders
Made my favorite martini for me.
It’s not something they currently have on the menu,
But they were more than happy to make sure I was satisfied.

Next stop our favorite Italian restaurant,
Love love love the food!
Check it out :

Here is a brief journey of our evening.
It starts with a table service,
Where they make
(Make – right at the table!)
fresh mozzarella and serve it with fragrant basil that seems to wash over the table and tomatoes that are picture perfect.





We then progressed into the main entree which was fabulous!

Veal Shank braised in Barolo wine on a bed of pasta.

A veal that slid off the bone and and melted in my mouth.
The au ju was simply delectable.
Carrots and potato and pasta rounded the dish out.

This was the best meal I have been privileged to in a while.


Brian had

Pasta rings filled with cheese in a sauce of Prosciutto di Parma, cream, peas and Romano


Then out came the dessert cart:


You do not deprive yourself at Jasper’s.
Dessert is a must!


Homemade white chocolate gelato dusted with chocolate biscotti and chocolate sauce

Simply heavenly.
What more could I say?!


Tiramisu. Yum.
One of my faves.

And then something I will always order,
Coconut cake.
I can not adequately describe how luscious this is.
Moist yet light.
The best coconut cake ever!

The next day,
Although still full,
We had breakfast at another must,
“Le Peep.”

No pictures,
But I love their spinach, bacon and cheddar jack omelette.

le peep menu

After hours of exploring the Towne Center shopping center,
Off to lunch at Oklahoma Joes.

Great BBQ.
I had pulled pork that was fantastic!



Dinner was at a Dinner Theater called
New Theater.

Once again,
We were not disappointed.


And we couldn’t leave without a coffee from Dean & Delucca’s.

I loved an ice tiramisu coffee. O

So, this week will be about working off the few pounds gained over the weekend.
Would I do it again?
You only live once.

The only thing that made it better for me,
was watching the family savor each bite as much as I did.

Buon apetito!


Eggs, Food and Easter


It all started with eggs.
Eggs full of candy and numbers.
Yes, numbers.

My brothers and sisters
(all grown I might add)
And I
Get prizes (gift cards, beer, fruit, purses…whatever)
And have a special egg hunt.
We don’t want our precious gifts to possibly not be found,
So we put a number in those eggs.

It takes place in the dark
On Good Friday,
With flashlights to assist in the search.
Though mine went out which made it near impossible.

This year provided quite the challenging hunt.
We had to dig up some eggs,
look through brush,
and grapple with a thorny rose bush
yet only 6 were left to nature.

This newer tradition has quickly become a favorite Easter activity.


We of course had plenty to eat and tried playing “The 90’s Game,”
Which was a long and somewhat dull trivia style game.

Then off to bed.
After of course conversing til after midnight.


Saturday began at brunch
With Brian’s family.
So the food continued.
It was not enough time, really
But it was what we all had.
As always,
The kids are all growing it seems by feet and I can’t get enough of their smiles and laughter.

Then off it was to my parents new house where we spent some quality time just playing and laughing and once again eating.


Brian is a member of our church choir,
So we were soon off to Easter Vigil.

I find this the most beautiful and glorious Mass!

I can’t tell you how much meaning and celebration there is.

We welcome new members into the church as they are Baptized and confirmed.
I almost cried as one of the members Brian and I had been praying for over the past 5 months was now a member of the church family.

The choir sounded heavenly!
I could feel the angels and saints join in.
The rafters seem to be lifted.
There are not enough voices in church to sway the atmosphere as it does,
So I just know we are not alone.

I feel the Glory of God
As we recall His tremendous
Miracles throughout scripture.

For some this is too long of a service,
For me…
I am riveted and brought to tears as I praise His Holy name and
Thank God for erasing my

I always leave full of the joyful Spirit.

It was another late night,
But I couldn’t complain about that.

Big yawn- we were all tired but not too tired to keep the celebration going.

We hosted a breakfast at our house
Then back to my parents to prepare for the kids Easter Egg hunt.

We had all kinds of eggs to hide.

You would think we could go pro by now!


It was a gorgeous day for not only finding eggs,
But flying kites,
Playing basketball and just catching up on some sun.


We again were back at the table for a final feast of ham,
Cheesy hash browns,
Green bean casserole,
And of course
Deviled eggs.

(We ended up calling these drunk chicks, as they looked a bit tipsy)

Mom made her traditional lamb-
Which was tasty as always.


At the end of the weekend,
I not only felt exhausted,
I think I was one peep away from a sugar coma.

I must say,
How can I be so lucky to have family and so much love in my life?!

My life is full of color and feeling and warmth and stories.
No it’s not without arguments or ugliness,
But that is part of growing
And learning.

I thank God for the gift that is each day.
I thank God for the recognition
Of my blessings
And I hope when I share them with you,
You are encouraged to
Look for the light in your day.

Happy Easter!

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Doggone Time – Where Has It Gone


This is Cooper.
Begging to play.

I could almost hear his plea,
“Now?! Now will you play?!”

Oh he wasn’t alone.
Coogee joined in.


I have been pretty busy lately with helping my parents move into their new home.

The dogs weren’t the only ones begging for attention.
Also Brian was giving me his puppy eyed “Now?! Now do you have time for me?!” Look, too.

Happily my parents are mostly done with the unpacking now,
So all can return to normal in our home.
All my babies can rest in the fact that I will be able to spend more time loving them.

Last week I was drowning in boxes.
Boxes and boxes full of dishes, pictures, nick nacs, clothes….
Truck loads full of memories being hauled and carted and toted and dragged,
Up and down stairs,
In and around and over.

I do not feel the need to move for quite a while after experiencing the aches of it all.

Saying good-bye to our childhood home was not as hard for me.
I had said fare well a long time ago.

There is a new family to fill the walls with all of those great and noisy sounds.

The new house is but five minutes from us.
It felt like love at first sight for mom and dad.
Never dreaming it was possible as it was out of reach in price and then there was a drop.

Meant to be?
I feel it was.

There is an intimate kind of charm to the “hearth room” with the brick fireplace begging for a fire.
The kitchen already host to several meals, waiting for the echoes of laughter.

The large windows peeking out over the expansive yard has already spied
Boys sledding with gusto
And deer enjoying the feed meant for birds.

A dining room table big enough for our oversized family is ready for our Easter gathering.

The “parlor,” a work in progress,
Will be a luxury when guests overflow the other rooms.

So many stories will be told.
Jokes and parties.
Prayers and I am sure tears.
Furniture still to be bought will provide comfort for tired bodies and spaces to lounge or share or just hold the precious people who enter.

A new home.
Full of adventures and experiments and delightful smells of
Another cake mom has made for someone’s birthday.

The sounds of the hammer against nail as dad fixes a broken something.

The cats have also found new spots to sit and hide and run and of course snuggle.


I can’t wait to share in what will come
And see how this home holds our family.

In a sense,
We have a new home, too.
In reality they could have moved anywhere and we would have made it our families centerpiece.
But I am happy in this home,
as it seems to fit us just right.


Slight Panic, Then Relief


Last week I felt great!
I have been working out and eating mostly healthy food- which by the way, I feel strongly that you shouldn’t give up everything you love to eat.
(Moderation, yes. Deprivation, not necessarily.)

And then it happened.
The wall.
The weekend of food.
The shift in my mood.

Jolted from my “Yes! I am doing it!”
By the lovely scale on Monday morning.

Why do I weigh every morning?!
I know I shouldn’t but I want to see the progress so badly.

Pounds. Several pounds jumped onto my body.

What the…?!!!!
That many?!!!

Suddenly I was angry and frustrated and depressed.
It shouldn’t be this difficult.
I shouldn’t have to worry about every single bite I take.

I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which basically is a hormone problem where my body doesn’t use insulin the way it should.
It revolves around my fertility (or lack of).
Many many women suffer from this.
I take Metformin to help with the insulin issue.

PCOS is bad because you have a slight chance of actually ovulating.
Bonus side effect (among many)- you can gain weight or have a very hard time getting rid of it.
Which I must say, I have found true.

Side note- great website for support and information:

So…I was reveling in self pity.
Why?! I should be down like 10 pounds!
Big fat tears rolling down my cheeks when I remember my twin sent us a book that she loved.

The Gabriel Method
By Jon Gabriel.

After sharing my woes with Brian,
And being properly consoled,
I picked up the book and started reading.

Jon’s story was very compelling and instantly I had to read more.
He had gained lots of weight and was over 400 pounds when he started researching like mad!
He lost over 220 pounds with no surgery and no diet.
He has no signs of being overweight.

So of course I am intrigued.
I have never heard of his theory before and I hadn’t heard it put the way he has described why we get “fat.”

I really don’t want to do any injustice here to his method, so I would just recommend you read his story or go to his site.

I will tell you there is the fact that you must add nutrition in, but he would never say to give up anything.

There is a lot of visualization prompted with c.d.’s if you would like.
There is one right before bed to help you imagine yourself with your ideal body- whatever that may be.
I find it goes along with project positive and you will get positive.

See it and you will achieve it.

But the meat of it speaks on why you gained weight and helps you get to the heart of the issues so that you may resolve these.

So far,
It was what I needed, when I needed it.

I will continue to challenge my nutrition and work out 5-6 times a week.
But now I will
Add visualization.

Lesson I learned so far this week,
Stay focused on the positive.
Focus and see the weight gone.
It will happen!

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