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Thank You Nora


Sadly, Nora Ephron passed away yesterday from leukemia.

She was co-writer, screenwriter or director for some of my favorite movies.
“Sleepless In Seattle,”
“When Harry Met Sally,”
And my ultimate, watch it a million times and it never gets old movie
“You’ve Got Mail.”

I believe she got what men wanted in a romantic comedy, since they would be forced to go see it.
A relatable leading man, full of humor and yet strong and dependable.
Someone they would want to be friends with. A man who could be real.
A man that could be them.

She definitely “got” women.
We want to see ourselves as someone real. Not too perfect, yet desirable.
Someone we could actually relate too.
Plus we like that hero of a leading man who can sweep you off your feet with sincerity and thoughtfulness and humor.

I am a little sad for the loss of her genius and believe that I may never see another “chick flick” as clever as the ones she was a part of.

Nora, you will be greatly missed.
I realize to some your contributions may seem trivial, but they lifted me up when feeling blue.
Made me laugh and made me cry.
I was your perfect audience.
And I loved your work.

I hope you google her work and get to spend a little time “researching” her movies.
I could only hope to ever achieve her kind of success in any venture.
Thank you Nora for all you have done!

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