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Another Glimpse part 2


Fall came soon after our return from my brothers wedding.

I welcomed fall with open arms and a top that was hardly ever up.
My car, my new baby, my bug,
gladly whizzing people to and fro.
I was just along for the ride.


We had received the best gift from my parents,
A brilliant orange leaf maple.
Still young,
It didn’t have as many leaves as it’s neighboring oaks,
And yet those few stood out in all their October Glory.


The Cardinals were in the World Series.
Ah the Cards.
We went to the best game of the whole series.
Game 3 where we won from an obstruction call.
Crazy fun.
And then they lost.
I still love ya, Cards!


One of my favorite holidays is Halloween.
Weird. I know.
But I love the imagination and free candy and kids doing what they do best- imitating and pretending and enjoying life.
We have a part every year.
We go all out.
I enlist my friend and her kids to help decorate and set up and transform our house.

Our annual party had all the makings of a great night…
A theme- A Night At The Movies,
Games (name that movie, movie charades…),
And of course a piƱata!
We had so much fun with family and friends cramming into each living space.
It was so much fun that it took me two days to clean up.




And then there was Pink!
Where do I begin?
My sisters and Kevin (bro-in-law) and I went to the “Truth about Love” Pink tour.
It was fabulous!
In my “top concerts of all time” category.
Her songs had us dancing and singing along the whole time.
We did not sit.
This was Pink!!
And she rocked.





I know you are thinking,
“Surely that’s it. ”
But my year is not over yet!
To be continued …

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Second Home St. Louis


St Louis has been the story of my life
The last several weeks.

Four separate trips.
Each 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Not terribly long drives
Just enough time to realize all radio stations get old after a while.

231. I was so fortunate to spend some more time with Brian’s sisters!
Not everyone can say they have great in-laws, but I am very fortunate.

232. Laura & I enjoyed some time floating around her pool.
What a luxury that is!

233.<emOur beautiful niece Sydney, plus Diane (Brians sis) & I enjoyed dollar burger night in Cental West End at Bar Louie .

Fantastically cheap
cheese dripping off
sink your teeth into burgers.
Basket of fries for the table.
Patio seat because the weather is so nice.

234.We continued our evening at The Cup for a delectable treat!


I enjoyed a “Hope” cupcake which was a soft strawberry with vanilla buttercream frosting. Why don’t I have pictures of my food?!
Oh right, my phone died.

I wanted pics of us and our evening but oh well…

235.Moving on, we went to The Muny and laughed our way through “Monty Python’s SpamALot.”

The Muny is set in the beautiful and lush Forest Park and is an outdoor theatre.

The night was a picture perfect,
Moon out,
Not too cool and not too warm
Theatre made

I found the show hilarious!
John O’Hurley played King Arthur,
As most of the play was from
The Holy Grail.
If you know Monty Python,
You know it’s mostly silly.

Brian introduced me to the videos
way back when.
I really think he would have enjoyed the show.

236. I continued my few days in St Louis as I went to stay with my nephews til the next day when Nanna was arriving.

Little time was actually spent together as they are teens and have a lot going on.
But we were able to go see the new Superman movie.

It was good!
A little too much violence at the end,
But overall I loved the actors/actresses in it and it kept my attention.

In the end I was mostly alone while there.
Even Al, the puggle, kept to himself.


237. Brian & I were back in the city for,
count ’em, two Cardinals games in a row.


Brian and I went with his dad and step-mom on Friday night
And with Yolanda and Precious on Saturday.

We lost both,
But they were still fun!
We were very lucky because on days that topped out in the 90’s with high humidity,
238. we had really nice evenings (besides the rain on Saturday).

The sweetest thing happened on Friday.
We sit by the visitors dugout,
And some visiting fans were right behind us when a player threw a ball towards these fans (adorable little boys).
My hubby caught the ball and handed it to these little guys.
Brian’s first catch at a game.
First game ball and he selflessly hands it over.
Awww. So sweet!

You know there is a little boy in every man at a ball game!
So I applaud the ability to stifle that inner,
“It’s my ball! I caught it!”

Saturday we had our ponchos on as we waited for the rain to stop and the game to start.
It was actually a little cooler that night and this was Yolanda and Precious first game at the “new” Busch Stadium.

239. I am so happy we were able to go with these lovely ladies!

We had fun trying to catch t-shirts,
Walking around and trying out the food.

They were excited to try out the super big nachos!


240. We found a great New York style pizza place in St Louis!

Racanellis has a great chewy crust with bigger slices to properly fold and engulf the sweet sauce and delicious toppings.

I loved the Tomato Basil pizza.
As a picky pizza person,
I was so happy to find this place!

We had a full weekend and everyone was exhausted for the ride home.

Coogee, not a good car rider, freaking out in her way as
Cooper (per usual) crashed out snoring almost the whole way back.

More adventures to come!

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Your Official Invitation!


Yolanda & I are hosting our 2nd annual “Fun Fit 5k Plus”

(Please read above for details.)

While it would be lovely for all of you to join us,
I realize that may be near impossible.

So…please feel free to have your own 5k or to challenge yourself on June 8th to get together with a friend or family or both!

It could be shopping (this could justify a new pair of killer shoes while walking around),
Playing a sport,
Walking the dog,
Cleaning the house….

It could be a 5k or 10k or even 1 mile.

Whatever you chose to do,
I ask that it is something you enjoy,
Preferably with a friend.

Getting fit can be fun.
We don’t have to dread work outs.
Yolanda and I want to encourage you to involve those around you with a good attitude and big smile.

On June 8th,
I will post photos & info about our 5k.

In the comment section please add a link to your post with photos & details of your event/activity.
We will be making homemade t-shirts & encourage you to do the same.

This isn’t about the 5k itself,
But about having fun while doing something active.
We want to accomplish our 4 miles ideally in 1 hour, so our goal is set & now it’s about training.

What’s your goal?

We use “Map My Walk” (free app) to track our time, route and distance.
I recommend you try some way of recording your training which will lead up to you meeting your own fitness goals.

We will be spreading the word & hope you will do the same!

You can do it!
Become the person you want to be.
The first step is action.
What’s stopping you?

I will continue to post triumphs & trials along the way.

We can do it!!

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”
(Philippians 4:13)


Fit Tuesday


Fat Tuesday was not in my mind today.
I refused to let myself go there.
To let myself think that it doesn’t matter what I put in my body today.
I can not go to that unhealthy thought pattern that holidays and special events have always become for me.
Today was “fit Tuesday” as a rebellion against the norm.

I am worth more.

My thanks today revolves around fitness and health that I am trying so hard to make my new habit.

82. I am so grateful for healthy literature.
Today I picked up Weight Watchers Magazine to inspire me and keep me motivated.

I have found that I need to absorb health tips to keep my mind focused.

I loved this article about walking.
They even gave you a playlist for a 20 minute walk.


83. For my adorable walking buddies.
The dogs and I took a walk this afternoon at a brisk pace.
Cooper struggled.
Poor guy.
I really thought he was going to just flop down, as he has done before.
But he didn’t and they seemed to enjoy getting out of the house.

84. It was so nice to add a little more exercise to my day.
It was a “Jillian” day and boy was it tough today.
I am not sure why that was,
But I was so happy to finish the 20 plus minute workout.
So to find extra energy after my errands to go out walking with my buddies was a bonus.

85. Thank God for those moments when I can beat the negative thoughts away.
There have been self doubts trying to attack my self esteem.

Thoughts come honestly after watching a show where I see someone I want to look like. Or putting on clothes that don’t look right. Or seeing my reflection in a store window.
I was thin. I looked so much better before…
And then you know how the words fill your thoughts.
“I will not get back to that .”
“I can’t do it.”
“I will never be thin.”
And so on…

Self pity likes to attack when I feel vulnerable. It’s ugly.
So I have to stop these cancers.
I can’t let them eat away at the truth.

The truth is:
86. I am capable of anything I set my mind on.
87. I will be as healthy as I can be each day.
88. God is on my side and providing the strength I need to combat negativity, bad habits and slacking off.
89. I have great support who love me no matter what.
90. I am beautiful.
God doesn’t make ugly.

And finally this:
I am made for more than this.
I am made to go and do.
I am made to be the best I can be and that means not giving in to the negative.

So today was
“Fit Tuesday” for me.
Tomorrow I will do it again.
For me.

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The Health Journey Continues


5:30 a.m. and the alarm buzzes me awake.
Coming out of my very real and weird dream,
I realize that I have to get up.
No snooze button today.

Day 2 of 5K training.
It’s the earliest I have been up for a while.
It’s cold outside and dark.
Yolanda will be counting on me to be there.
I will be counting on her.
The “hill” will be easier in April if attacked starting this week.

The 5K I attend every year.
A family that was in our Child Care Center lost their baby to SIDS and I feel it very important to not only support them but the families who have all gone through this tragic kind of loss.

Check out the 5K here:
4th Annual Ava Brown Memorial

So…we did it two days so far this week.

Training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
We get up and start the day before the sun gets out of bed.

My thanks today is this:
67. I fought the depth of sleep and put both feet forward! Today that was a challenge.
68. We conquered two days of the “hill” like it was a monster trying to hold us back! Take that!
69. Even though its been a while since we trained together,
We did great! That hill felt not half as bad as the first time we basically crawled up it.
70. Yolanda is a great training partner! I enjoy our conversations and therapy sessions.
She and I have the same “yuk morning” attitude so I think it helps to start our day together.
71. I have been able to come home and extend my workout to 10 more minutes on the elliptical.
Today that felt really long but it helps me push myself plus burn an extra 70 plus calories.
72. I heard this quote that has helped my mind

“The scale does not always reflect the work that’s being done.”

I need to remind myself of this because I have learned that my body often will take weeks before showing progress on the scale.

73.I am very content with the fact that there is a fighter living in my body.
She challenges me and tells me that I am worth more.
I have to sometimes push aside self doubt or self pity to get to her,
But she is there
so watch out!

What a week already!
I feel tired most nights,
Which is a good thing.
I am alternating Jillian workouts with the elliptical/5k training and drinking my water and overall trying to make healthy choices.

I am listening to my body and while losing pounds may take longer than I want,
It will happen.

The health journey continues…


Super Commercials As I Saw Them


The highlights of Super Bowl 47 Commercials for me were:

1. The Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” commercial.
I found this so funny!
One of the only ones I actually enjoyed and would watch again.
This was my favorite.
You must go watch this.
The goat crunching?! Oh man – funny.

2. The Oreo Library commercial.
Also hilarious. The fireman whispering “fire”. The policeman whispering in his megaphone. Definitely a good one.

3. The Taco Bell Old People Party.
Oh my goodness this had me laughing!
I loved the man getting a tattoo.
The crazy antics you only picture young people doing.

4. The Budweiser Clydesdale Colt.
This had me in tears!
I wasn’t prepared for that!
Besides seeing a very adorable colt, and knowing we can go visit this farm as it is not to far away,
What a sweet story!
I mean the horse remembered the trainer and came back to him even though he was a big star!

5. Paul Harvey God Made A Farmer
Makes you really miss his radio program, doesn’t it?
I mean who cares about the truck?
Lets just show patriotic photos or cute pictures or whatever and listen to him recite poetry.
Yes, I would watch that again.
Though I must say,
While I appreciate the work of farmers,
I am not one nor do I want to be one.
Again that’s why I appreciate them.

I am providing a link so that you can go check these out.

Please let me know what you think.
There were a few kid ones that were also cute, but these were my top 5.

Super Bowl Commercials


My Super Sunday


So, it has come to my attention that I have a reason to cheer for the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
Justin Smith is a local guy.

Shows how much I watch football.

I do also know Ray Lewis is playing his last game and what a way to go out!

So this Super Sunday (61.) I have gone to church where the message was one of loving each other with a special challenge to reach out to someone we may be estranged from.

Made some cheesy eggs and read the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee(62.).

Otherwise I have been lounging with my cuddle buddies. (63.)

I was watching Super Nanny,but now I am being tortured with Pre-game stuff.
But am happy to occasionally sit by my hubby and annoy him with my questions and comments. (64.)
Sometimes he will flip for me to the adorable Puppy Bowl.
My choice would not be football interviews and stories,
But this is a special remote control day for guys, so I will not bother him about switching the channel.

(65.)It is a lovely sunny and mild day.
So it’s nice when I have to take the dogs out.
Coogee just wants to catch some rays.


I have rotel in one crock pot and BBQ meatballs in another. (66.) Yum!


So… The day is a nice relaxing day and I can’t complain.
Only 4 more hours of Pre-game.
Anyone else think that’s crazy?!

I hope wherever you are, your Sunday is Super.

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My Thanks Go On


The sun is out and shining brightly today.
Oh how that feels great!
This morning was -7 f/-21 c, and so I am loving every bit of this 23 degrees.

55. Thank God for the sun!
In winter, when night comes quickly, and the walk from the car to the store or home is hardly bearable,
The sun is a much appreciated source of warmth and light.

56. It has been such a blast going house shopping with my parents!
I love house shopping!
You get to experience a glimpse of life in another’s shoes.
“If I lived here I would have this wooded view or this nicely spaced bathroom or this fantastic brick fireplace.”
Or as happened with one home, you go in saying “this feels bad”.
Bad fung shui.

This tops clothes shopping any day of the week.
If I could be a house matchmaker,
I would thrive!
(Ok so realtors have that role, but math is too much in the picture for me…so I have to come up with a different job/title)

57. I am so happy to say contracts have been made for a house my parents love and for a family that loves my parents home.
We pray all goes well as you know it is real estate and anything can happen.

But they are excited and anxious and all of those feelings that come with leaving the home where you raised the children and going to a home that feels like a new chapter of life.

58. For the post office, oh my am I ever grateful!!
I just sent off several packages today, two of which are going to Australia.
It feels great knowing that away they go, over the ocean and into the homes from our family and friends within a week or so.

Amazing isn’t it?!
I always love receiving cards and photos and real mail,
So why not send it?

I used to be really good at “thank you” notes thanks to my folks drilling that habit in.
It’s a good habit and I need to get back to that.

59. Steak is another great part of my life.
I had a pretty good sirloin last night and it just hit the right spot.
Especially when I work out, I need my red meat.

Often I don’t feel “full” because of smarter portion sizes (that’s right “smarter”), but protein always makes a difference.
Plus look at what this study says,

“Australian scientists have found that people who ate a diet high in protein, based on lean red meat, as well as fruit and vegetables, lost 25 per cent more weight over a fixed period of time than those who ate a low protein, carbohydrate-rich diet that contained the same amount of calories and fat.”

So, yes I like my red meat.

Hubby should be home soon.
60. I look forward to a weekend together of who knows what, it doesn’t matter.
Sometimes it is just nice knowing you have someone that is coming home to you.
Maybe we will watch a movie or go to a furniture store or visit with family or friends, as long as we are together,
The weekend looks promising.

Oh yes the Super Bowl is Sunday.
Honestly, not a fan.
I like (sometimes) the commercials and maybe the half time show.
Otherwise you won’t find me cheering anyone on.

I will happily provide appropriate food for Brian and anyone else in the house, but that is the extent of my involvement.
(Let’s face it, it’s not the World Series!)

Lifting a glass for all of you out there!
Have a safe and fantastic weekend.

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The Choices I Make


This is St. Louis’ finest.
Gooey Butter Cake.
Many stores and restaurants offer it,
But Brian and I love this one from
“J. Bucks!”
So delicious.
44. A big thank you to the makers of this melt-in-your-mouth dream of a dessert.

(If in St. Louis, I also would recommend Missouri Bakery for this treat among other very tasty goodies. )

This very gooey delight was shared between Brian and myself on Saturday.

Shared. So I actually don’t think that is as bad as devouring the whole thing.
Do I sound like I am trying to justify?

Yes, that is my guilt talking.

Now, this…

Key lime pie martini,
Well I would never share this!

45. I am thankful that I could stop after two of these.
I could keep going.
They are that scrumptious!

This beverage has inspired me to make my own and share it with others.
I love the creamy top, followed by a pineapple, key lime taste.
Truly the happiest martini around.

I had 2 of these on Saturday.
All on my own.
I knew I would pay.
I knew those calories would come back and bite me.
And yes they did.

I will never regret a Key Lime Pie Martini!
But…I should have got on the elliptical once home.

Today, the scale said
“Yeah. Those pounds you were down Saturday? Well…they came back.”

Only she wasn’t so kind.

I realize I am kind of beating myself up over these choices but,
In the beginning stages of working out and eating right
Willpower is everything.

One drink would have been plenty.

But…I am just going to move forward.

46. Thank God for fun. “Carry On.”
That song pushed me through the finish line this morning.
I was tired and grumpy.
(Thanks to the scale…ok my choices.)

I burned 235 calories and 40 carbs.
I didn’t want to.
I wanted to give up two minutes in.
But… That stubborn side of me spurred a fire in my spirit.

Rihanna and Beyonce helped out.
Song after song.
“Keep going.”
“Just a little longer.”

My goodness it was trying today.

47. I did it!
I made it.
Willpower at it’s most challenged.

So today.
It’s all about good choices.
Healthy ones.
Not giving in.
Finding that inner health nut.

For me,
That doesn’t mean eating tofu or drinking wheatgrass.
It means eating the right portion of healthier foods I like.

That along with working out will show results.

So, I want to encourage you to keep going.
Today is a new day.
A day for good choices and always a new beginning.

I am made for more than this.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. ~Doug Larson

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease. ~Terri Guillemets


A Legendary Life, Remembered Today


Stan Musial, better known to his Cardinal fans as “Stan the Man”,
Passed away last Saturday.

He was not only a legendary ball player, but a true role model for all.

He was 92 and yet those touched by him wished for more time.


We arrived at Busch Stadium this morning just after 10:30 to pay tribute and wait for the family procession to his statue.

It was quiet, sunny and extremely cold.
We laid the flowers along with the many wonderful balloons and signs and memorabilia left as signs of love.

Truly a visible sign of not an ordinary life, but a well journeyed soul.

The stories you hear around the stadium are from you and me.
People walking around town,
That he took the time to make sure and not only greet but help them feel like they were “seen.”

A man,
A baseball player,
A husband,
A father,
A grandfather.
But most importantly a really nice guy.
Not stuck on himself like he could be.
He was that good!
But one that loved making people smile with his harmonica.


Elite, a Clydesdale, seemed to glide by with an air of strength and solemnity.


Elite stood shining with a radiant light
-was Stan shining his light down?

He was called hero and friend by so many.
His fans not to be held at a distance,
But up close.
A touch, a handshake or a hug was a normal treat for those who ran into him.

Stan was more legendary in life because of his humbleness.
His ability to stay connected to the City that held him in such high regard.
No matter how big his status pushed him to,
He would always be a local guy.

This was clearly seen and felt today.
From the city and fans that loved him so much.

We stood in the cold waiting for the sun to touch our toes.
I was convinced I had frostbite,
But we stood glued for hours because we wanted to be a part of this mans most honored tribute.

Before us a huge statue of Stan.
Glorious light finally warming my fingers and occasionally toes.

The people around us,
Our Cardinals families.
Sharing stories.
Each not willing to leave until we could share a moment with Stan’s family.


We shared The Lords Prayer.
Watching as the family each put a rose in the bronze vase at Stan’s feet.


As the family walked back to their cars to go on to the grave site,
A fan started singing
“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”
Where everyone eagerly and vigorously joined in.

I think Stan would be pleased with that.
It touched our hearts as so many teared up.

We watched as Jim Edmonds and other players walked past.
All paying tribute to this one man.


I can’t help but parallel his example to that of players today.
Do we have a “Stan Musial” out there today?
Humble, polite, reachable.
A true “man” not because he said he was.
He didn’t loudly shout
“I am a Christian,”
He just showed it.


We stayed til around 2:00,
Which was when we left for J. Bucks.
(Our favorite spot by the Stadium.)
My sis had chosen to wait there after freezing her toes off for about 40 minutes.
So, off we went to thaw completely and enjoy some good food and great company.
And of course my favorite martini.

Key Lime Pie Martini

We actually made the local television coverage since we were right up front.
We were on a nationwide broadcast also, but no close up shots.
(Thank God.)

Now home,
Watching the recorded and moving funeral Mass.
We are touched again by the many stories of how extraordinary he really was.

Stan had a large platform,
A wide audience
And he led with a quiet strength.

We may never have that kind of stage,
But we still have the same opportunity,
To lead with love.

We all can chose to live a legendary life.