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Dear Childless Mother

My friend,

I know Mothers Day can be hard.

I, myself, am not a “mother” in a biological sense.

I have had 3 miscarriages thanks to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and a blood clotting disorder.

I am not angry about not having children.

I feel that having children does not make me more valuable or make my life more meaningful.

A lot of women can have children.

I take offense with the voice of some that feel my job as a married woman is to produce children or to adopt.

Today people, well meaning and loving, will tell me (and I am sure, you too) “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Some with pity and some with knowledge that I have been a mother to my students and nephews and nieces and others in my life.

And it’s fine if not accompanied by a look of sadness or an extra long hug.

I have a wonderful life.

I bet you do too.

Full of love and action and hope and joy and travel and family and friends.

I have not felt called to the beautiful gift of adoption.

But one day that still may happen.

Birth mom’s who sacrifice the greatest gift, their child, you are the most amazing gift of all.

I can’t imagine the hurt you must try to overcome.  Remember that you are still a mother.

Your love stretches for miles.

Adoptive parents, (Mel & Kev), you are blending families together.  You are awesome!

Genetics is not what makes up a parent.

Nurturing those children you feed through charity,

Teaching all those wondering minds,

Watching those games and plays of nephews and nieces,

Taking your friends children to school,

Consoling someone who is sad,

We are mothers in the best way.

Is there sometimes sadness while thinking about the fact that you(I) can’t give your (my)  husband something he wants?

Of course.

But I am not incomplete and neither are you.

I don’t need to be wished a “Happy Mothers Day.”

I am happy to feel accepted for who I am, regardless of if I have a child.

No pity or sadness.

Just love me for who I am.

Dear childless mother,

I love and accept you for who you are.

No pity – I join you in solidarity today as we negotiate around the words that are meant in love but sometimes devalue the very purpose in our lives.

Not being a mother may be the best gift I can give you, the children in my care, my friends and family and those a world away.

You are a worthwhile and amazing person, just the way you are.

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As Promised…

I am going to try
Every week to bring you one of the blog sites I follow.

It is hard to choose because I love each one of them!

This week my pick is:
(drumroll please)

I find her blog beautiful and stimulating.
Taking in each photo as if I was holding it in my hand.

I love photography and this site meets that artistic,
And imaginative
Side of my brain.

Besides that Rona takes time to comment and has promised to dog sit for me. 🙂
Anyone who loves my dogs
(without knowing them)
Is great in my book!

I hope you go and enjoy the beautiful work of Rona Black.




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Tweet from Fr Larry

@FrLarryRichards: “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” Hebrews 10:35 – Do not give up, stand in your faith – He has a plan!

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Coopers 5k


Cooper does not care so much about getting fit. This is his version of walking a 5k

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Yolanda and I finish our 5k



But It’s Raining Outside!

It’s gray and windy and looks like rain at any moment.

Dare I go out and walk anyway?

Yes!  I will not let this dampen my need for fitness and health. Now I could also workout inside but sometimes that outside gray disappears when you confront it head on.

Sometimes it’s what I need to not see it as depressing but as motivating. Get into the thick of it and fight back. Feel empowered by beating it down to a nonessential reason to walk. I can walk in any weather knowing the weather will not impact my decisions.


Each day is a gift. Today is no exception.

Thank God I can see and feel and hear and be a part of thIs day whatever the weather brings.



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