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Made To Crave

on July 23, 2012



Need some inspiration ?
Check out this book by Lysa Terkeurst.

This is not a how-to guide.
This is a deeper look into why food takes the place of a deeper craving.

This is a quick read and great group discussion book.

I had a group of ladies that would meet at my house and we would discuss the book and watch her 6- 15 minute video clips that were great companions for the book.
We took turns with bringing healthy meals and sharing recipes.
We started to “crave” our meetings!

I am now preparing to start the next phase.
She has an “Action Plan” work book and video.

Lysa is honest and down to earth.
I can relate to her natural approach to life and health.

Most of all, I have found that its easy to start a group with Church friends or acquaintances from anywhere!
It’s not just about losing weight.
This book touches on the deepest desires of your heart.

I go back to her quotes again and again.

My favorite:
“I am made for more than this.”

Check out her site for a better look:

I find myself needing the books and videos to help motivate me on a deeper level.
Having the support from every angle.
Family, friends, fellow bloggers 🙂 , books, videos…

I am convinced that everyone should read this book.

Clearly God wants to reach us through others and she is a great voice of His loving message.


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