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The Versatile Blogger Award


Yomicfit has been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award!

The rules are:

1] Thank the person (People) who nominated you and link back to their blog(s)–

J.E. Lattimer who has an incredible blog that can be found here:


2] List seven random things about yourself–

1) I love to plan parties!
Everything from the themes to decor to food and drinks. Another way to use my creativity.

2) I love inspirational stories, but not in songs! (Sorry country music.)

3) I have this horrible secret- I love reading People magazine and US.

4) I love Pearl Jam and at the same time I can’t help but love upbeat songs like “Call Me Maybe”.

5) I hated my middle name growing up, but now I like it and see it as a big part of me.

6) My favorite thing to do with my husband is to watch movies in our “cave.”
We could definitely have our own critique television show.

7) I think my job in Heaven (yes, job but it won’t feel like work) will be either party planning or dancing or both.

3] Nominate fifteen other blogs–
















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Another big thank you to
J E Lattimer.
Check out these fantastic blogs!!


The Olympian In Me

Jordyn Wieber; US Woman’s Gymnast Extraordinaire

Like so many others, I have been glued to the Olympics this year.

I am amazed and fascinated by the strength and power in these athletes.

They are at the height of their fitness, abs and all.

Last night I had a dream that I had a six pack.

I woke up disheartened to find my six pack covered by the mess left from too many donuts and soda.

Ah to have been born an athlete.

But wait! I do have that drive to succeed in my goals and I know I can become fit again!

I can either let these chiseled bodied ladies and gentlemen depress me or enlighten me.

Strengthen that voice within me that says, “Come on! Get up! Get moving!” or sit on the couch with a bag of Doritos, making the situation worse.

While I am honestly a bit jealous, I am in awe of the time and dedication our Olympians have committed to achieve their goals.

And while I realize I don’t have that natural ability to ever be able to compete in well…any athletic competition, I do have a motive (that I believe God put in me) to be the best “me” possible.

I am finishing week two of my goals and feel pretty good.

I am not seeing astonishing results and yet I am not frustrated by that.

Day-by-day, workout-by-workout.

I can do it!

Thank you team USA for not giving up through all of those complications and injuries and problems that come up.

The stories told about struggles and hardships remind me that I will have mine too.

Sometimes it feels as if you have to fight against something bigger than you.

It may feel impossible yet you find this determination from deep down to keep going.

To never give up.

There is an Olympian in me.

I may never look like the most fit athlete, but I will continue to persevere to win my “gold”.

My goal is within reach.

I will become the healthy and fit me that I deserve to be.



Home Gym Vs Public Gym

Home Gym on HGTV website

Today I felt so great about working out at home so …
Here are a list of reasons I like my home “gym ” (I mean it’s really our basement or bedroom that I work out in).

-No driving anywhere!
And on some days that would definitely be a deciding factor.
No fighting the weather and traffic.
Besides I would probably talk myself out of it by the time I got there.

-The amazing amount of workout DVDs we have and that are available.
You can dance or lift weights or have a cardio or Ab day.
We have spent some time and money on investing in different programs (Yoga Booty Ballet, P-90X, Insanity…)
Plus equipment.
Honestly I was not completely loving that idea, but babe you were right (uh that hurt). These have been a wise investment.

-No one staring at me as I walk my fat body from machine to machine.
No one to compete with for next dibs on the treadmill.
No one around me as I struggle to do my best or hear me grunt or distracting me from my goal.

-It doesn’t matter that I don’t look great in my work out clothes!
I have some work to do before spandex clings to my body in a good way.

-I can do workouts with my hubby!:)
Several years ago we successfully completed P-90X together.
Saturday we did yoga together.
We loved it!
It was motivating and a great couple activity.
I must say it was kind of sexy too.
(I was in better shape then.)

-And finally the showers!
Need I mention the must for flip flops in a gym shower.
Or uncomfortable moments in the locker room?

I know that many, many people love the public gym.
But I think I prefer my personal gym.

I will say if you invest in a gym, you may want to take the extra steps and get a personal trainer.
This would be the only thing motivating me to keep going.
My friend has one and I have seen the amazing accomplishments they can help you achieve.
But then you have an added cost, still…

If you want to invest in some DVD’s for your home gym and equipment, know it is pricey but worth it.
Plus you don’t have to pay that monthly fee.

Where do you like to workout?


Sweet Potato Fries


My husband loves sweet potato fries.
They are a healthier alternative than regular fries so I don’t mind making them.

I cut mine into strips but wedges would work too.
Sprinkle a little (very little) olive oil on them and mix them together with your hands.
(Not my favorite part)
Then I sprinkle a little “Natures Seasoning” on them.

This seasoning I learned about from Susan Powter and use it in and on so much!!!
Love it!!
(Check out her cook book “C’mon America, Let’s Eat!)

Put them in the oven between 375 and 425, depending in your oven.
My oven tends to run hot and is electric.
You may start lower (375) and just check on them after 15 minutes.
20-25 minutes and I am pulling them out of the oven.

I must stress don’t use a lot of olive oil.
Just a tiny bit will cover them once mixed.
I learned the hard way with soggy fries once.

I know many people make these so if you have variations or other ways to improve these, I would love to hear!!

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Looking Up


When you are a small child, everything is above you.

The trees, the houses and buildings, parents and relatives, tables and sinks, shelves with baskets of toys or books, cups, milk…

You can’t help but look up.

To make eye contact you must look up.

It is no big deal, but just the way it is.

Isn’t it funny how these children, whom we are always looking down upon,

tend to be happy and optimistic and carefree?

They are content and trusting and they are the ones always looking up?

When I lower myself to the floor to play with my niece or nephew, I immediately feel a connection to being young.

There is an innocence and contentedness that follows me to the floor.

I too look up to speak with the other adults in the room.

I notice the humbleness present in this action and yet an instant gratification.

How often do I feel more free, more relaxed or more “quiet” when I watch the clouds or study the highest branches of hundred year old trees?

How in awe am I when I look at the shiny, slick skyscrapers reflecting the bright day in the countless mirrored windows?

When looking up, I realize how small I still am.

I am not in control of anything that is above me.

The moon and stars and planets and sun, all surrounding us from beyond the reach of a ladder.

All that lies above our head as we sleep and eat and work and pray,

all of that has inspired the greatest writers, poets, musicians, playwrights, artists, photographers, scientists, journalists…

I must remember that just because I am an adult and don’t have to look up for most of what I need,

I should always look up for my inspiration and and humbleness and awe.

What do you see when you look up?

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Watermelon Salad?

As I was enjoying my Strawberry Salad from Panera Bread today, I thought I couldn’t find a salad I like more.
Then I read about a watermelon salad!

Health magazine tweeted the following recipe worth trying out.
(I love this magazine).
This recipe looks fantastic!
Especially on such a hot summer day.


Grilled Watermelon, Mint, and Feta Salad

Prep Time: 15 Cook Time: 10Yield: Makes 6 servings (serving size: 1 1/3 cups salad)
Good to Know
This fresh, mouth-watering summer salad takes seconds to prepare, and has only 122 calories per serving.

1 small watermelon (about 6 pounds), cut into 1-inch-thick rounds (lay melon on its side, and cut through rind and flesh with a sharp knife)
1/2 cup small mint leaves, torn
2 ounces feta cheese, crumbled into large chunks
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1. Heat a grill or grill pan over high heat until very hot. Two at a time, grill watermelon rounds, turning once, until charred (about 2-3 minutes per side). Transfer watermelon to a cutting board and remove rind; cut rounds into wedges.

2. Arrange watermelon on a serving platter; sprinkle with mint and feta. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Nutrition Information
Calories per serving122
Fat per serving4.7
Saturated fat per serving1.8
Monounsaturated fat per serving2.2
Polyunsaturated fat per serving0.4
Protein per serving3
Carbohydrates per serving19
Fiber per serving1.5
Cholesterol per serving8
Iron per serving2
Sodium per serving208


Week Two Begins


It’s been a week since I started my new health quest.
I got on the scale and was 2 pounds down!
I was happy but still I know how quickly those pounds can come back.

I have been battling with my mind to make healthy food choices.
And nutrition is winning!
I must be maturing.

I must say its not easy some days!
That store aisle that has everything over 500 Calories or more per serving is like a magnet.
I wonder what people think as they walk past this woman just staring down the row of treats.
A look of sadness and torment on my face.

It’s not just the food.
It’s Starbucks too!
My favorite summer drink, the mocha coconut frap, is here and it would be crazy to drink the venti I so desperately want.
410 calories in a grande.
But look at it!


So I haven’t caved because even a “skinny” one would be equal to one meal, but I may splurge on one once a month.
I don’t think it’s healthy to deprive yourself completely.
Personally I know that’s when problems occur.

It has not been an easy motivational week, but I must say that I have pushed through my lazy ways and work out when I don’t feel like it.
Then I feel ready to tackle other projects!
My body on a natural high of endorphins.

So keep going if you just don’t feel the energy or will.
You can do it!!

As for me, well off to do another workout with Jillian!


Made To Crave



Need some inspiration ?
Check out this book by Lysa Terkeurst.

This is not a how-to guide.
This is a deeper look into why food takes the place of a deeper craving.

This is a quick read and great group discussion book.

I had a group of ladies that would meet at my house and we would discuss the book and watch her 6- 15 minute video clips that were great companions for the book.
We took turns with bringing healthy meals and sharing recipes.
We started to “crave” our meetings!

I am now preparing to start the next phase.
She has an “Action Plan” work book and video.

Lysa is honest and down to earth.
I can relate to her natural approach to life and health.

Most of all, I have found that its easy to start a group with Church friends or acquaintances from anywhere!
It’s not just about losing weight.
This book touches on the deepest desires of your heart.

I go back to her quotes again and again.

My favorite:
“I am made for more than this.”

Check out her site for a better look:

I find myself needing the books and videos to help motivate me on a deeper level.
Having the support from every angle.
Family, friends, fellow bloggers 🙂 , books, videos…

I am convinced that everyone should read this book.

Clearly God wants to reach us through others and she is a great voice of His loving message.

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There is a moment when you realize you aren’t as innocent as you once were.

Like the flag which started out bright and bold, waving proud for all to see, you too were relatively wrinkle free.

Young and fresh and full of color.
Nothing could stop you.
Determined and driven and happy.
Youth was on your side.

Suddenly you look at your aging hands and hear your creaking knees.
Battered by the winds of life.
You survive storms and gusts that you were sure would break you.

What happened to the sharpness of your life?

Tears have been repaired.
Yet you will never be the same.

Forever you are weathered.

A badge of honor,
The years leave you wise and distinguished.
Yet their presence comes with the darkness of loss.

You have grown a more compassionate being and while lack of innocence equals moments of pain,
these experiences are forever imprinted in your soul.
God’s love picking up the heaviness left behind.

You are weathered and worn.
To some this may be negative.

They actually feel sorry for you.

You smile at this.
There are lessons, they too will learn.

They will become weathered.

There is a beauty in that old flag.
The life that was lived was worth every fading stripe.

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Aim High


Officially day 5 of my health plan.

So far, I am trying to make healthier choices with my eating.
I think I am doing pretty good.
Portion and self control.
What more can I say?

I do not want to try some diet or fad that doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

I believe that I will lose weight because of hard work and being sensible in my food choices.

I read that keeping a daily journal logging your meals helps most women to keep off the weight.
Now that is not always convenient and I don’t see myself keeping that up.
But, I found that taking pictures of what you eat is another beneficial way to journal.

5 days a week is my goal for workouts.
I have done 4 so far with a rest day yesterday.
I was so sore from the Hip Hop Ab Video!

Jillian was my trainer today.
30 Day Shred.

Boy did I really not want to sweat.
Did I mention I work out in our bedroom?
Yes. With the major choice being lay down or work out.

But once I got started I felt great.

Jillian motivates me in this video.
She says “the last few moves when you want to give up is when your body is doing the most work. Keep going. Don’t give up.”

I want it.
I need to be healthy.
I will do it.

Every decision matters.
Stairs or escalator.
Water or tea.
Rest or workout.
I must choose depending on other factors.
I must make smart choices.
Sometimes it’s ok to rest and it’s ok to have tea or take the escalator but you must equal out those decisions.

“Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don’t just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won’t happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you’ll love it up here.”

– Donald Trump