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Traveling Thanks


So I am on a sort of road trip with my gal pal, Tina.
We are on our way to join a mission that is helping in Moore, Oklahoma.
(If you don’t know,
There was a devastating tornado that ripped through the city months ago.)

Tina has done wonders with asking co-workers for donations to bring with us,
(Backpacks, Wal-Mart gift cards, food…)
She is amazing!

I am just doing whatever they ask for,
Truly not near as much work as the people volunteering for longer periods of time.
We will be there just a few days,
But I feel good that I can give some
(Even limited time).
That doesn’t make me a good person,
It’s what I should do.

So…recently I have not been blogging as much as I was and I apologize and will try to do better.

I realize at this point that I probably won’t make the thousand thanks goal,
But I am not stopping…
So here are my more recent thanks-

241. Summertime, 4th of July, Freedom, BBQ- need I say more?!



242. Beautiful flowers- only God could keep these alive.


243. My car- which while I am away is probably being used by my hubby !
(No worries, babe. :). )


244. Menu planning- which since doing has really helped us on our fitness journey!


245. Going out with friends! I have such great support and love in my life!


246. Another great year & more to come!!


247. Our babies ! Poor Coop has torn his ACL & recovering from surgery & poor Coogee is needing attention!



248.Traveling with my hubby who is such a blast to go anywhere with!!


249.. For safe arrivals on long journeys.

250.. For my phone which not only had much needed GPS but a camera to capture whatever catches my eye!



Second Home St. Louis


St Louis has been the story of my life
The last several weeks.

Four separate trips.
Each 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Not terribly long drives
Just enough time to realize all radio stations get old after a while.

231. I was so fortunate to spend some more time with Brian’s sisters!
Not everyone can say they have great in-laws, but I am very fortunate.

232. Laura & I enjoyed some time floating around her pool.
What a luxury that is!

233.<emOur beautiful niece Sydney, plus Diane (Brians sis) & I enjoyed dollar burger night in Cental West End at Bar Louie .

Fantastically cheap
cheese dripping off
sink your teeth into burgers.
Basket of fries for the table.
Patio seat because the weather is so nice.

234.We continued our evening at The Cup for a delectable treat!


I enjoyed a “Hope” cupcake which was a soft strawberry with vanilla buttercream frosting. Why don’t I have pictures of my food?!
Oh right, my phone died.

I wanted pics of us and our evening but oh well…

235.Moving on, we went to The Muny and laughed our way through “Monty Python’s SpamALot.”

The Muny is set in the beautiful and lush Forest Park and is an outdoor theatre.

The night was a picture perfect,
Moon out,
Not too cool and not too warm
Theatre made

I found the show hilarious!
John O’Hurley played King Arthur,
As most of the play was from
The Holy Grail.
If you know Monty Python,
You know it’s mostly silly.

Brian introduced me to the videos
way back when.
I really think he would have enjoyed the show.

236. I continued my few days in St Louis as I went to stay with my nephews til the next day when Nanna was arriving.

Little time was actually spent together as they are teens and have a lot going on.
But we were able to go see the new Superman movie.

It was good!
A little too much violence at the end,
But overall I loved the actors/actresses in it and it kept my attention.

In the end I was mostly alone while there.
Even Al, the puggle, kept to himself.


237. Brian & I were back in the city for,
count ’em, two Cardinals games in a row.


Brian and I went with his dad and step-mom on Friday night
And with Yolanda and Precious on Saturday.

We lost both,
But they were still fun!
We were very lucky because on days that topped out in the 90’s with high humidity,
238. we had really nice evenings (besides the rain on Saturday).

The sweetest thing happened on Friday.
We sit by the visitors dugout,
And some visiting fans were right behind us when a player threw a ball towards these fans (adorable little boys).
My hubby caught the ball and handed it to these little guys.
Brian’s first catch at a game.
First game ball and he selflessly hands it over.
Awww. So sweet!

You know there is a little boy in every man at a ball game!
So I applaud the ability to stifle that inner,
“It’s my ball! I caught it!”

Saturday we had our ponchos on as we waited for the rain to stop and the game to start.
It was actually a little cooler that night and this was Yolanda and Precious first game at the “new” Busch Stadium.

239. I am so happy we were able to go with these lovely ladies!

We had fun trying to catch t-shirts,
Walking around and trying out the food.

They were excited to try out the super big nachos!


240. We found a great New York style pizza place in St Louis!

Racanellis has a great chewy crust with bigger slices to properly fold and engulf the sweet sauce and delicious toppings.

I loved the Tomato Basil pizza.
As a picky pizza person,
I was so happy to find this place!

We had a full weekend and everyone was exhausted for the ride home.

Coogee, not a good car rider, freaking out in her way as
Cooper (per usual) crashed out snoring almost the whole way back.

More adventures to come!

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Sweet Nothing’s


201. I am so excited to see my poppies!
Bright and crinkled petals bend towards the suns light.
The colors seem almost painted on as they are a shade not often seen in nature.
They were lovely before the rain crept in and they lowered towards the earth.
Perhaps just until the sun comes back to perk them up.

202. For the daycare workers and teachers in Oklahoma who put their lives at risk for the children’s sake.
Any parent that may wonder if your child’s teacher would do the same,
Trust me when I say they would.
These men and women choose to daily do a difficult but rewarding task.
And when they go through education and training,
it may not occur to them that they may be put in such situations where they may be able to physically save a child.
But they do and would and will.
Thank God for them.

203. For the big hearts of people who adopt pets!


Zoey was in need of a new home or she was going to be brought to the shelter.
I couldn’t see that happen.
Brian and I didn’t think we could handle 3, mainly because we didn’t want to disrupt our pack that is a pretty smooth machine most days.

So my brother’s mother-in-law adopted her. Dyanne & Gary have great big hearts and rescue often with the intent to find homes but end up falling in love.
Thus, they have a large and beautiful pack!

Zoey is doing well and playing a lot with her new brothers and sisters.

Brian and I love Zoey and were actually heart broken to give her away.
The dogs got along with her but Cooper seemed a bit upset that she was taking his cuddle spots.
We just didn’t want to risk his behavior changing back to when we first rescued him.

Still…she is this fantastic dog and now in a great home!

If you have any doubt about adopting ,
I have seen that most dogs are so ready to love and be loved!

Check out your local shelter,
You could find your own perfect pet!

204. For each new beginning.
I have been struggling with food issues and working out.
I do so well and then slide back into bad habits.
But today I have chosen health.

205. For finding reasons to work out.
Saturday I walked a little over 4 miles in just over 56 minutes.
I was working hard the whole time!
I kept thinking,
“I have to beat my last time of 58 minutes.”
Clouds hung low as I began, but I was determined.
As I made my way closer to the 3 mile mark, the thunder exploded.
I prayed that it not pour down til I got back and more importantly that I not get struck by lightening!
I made it with just a few drops having made their way to my head.

Today I chose my favorite Yoga Booty Ballet routine.


It was a great beginning to my day!

206. For funny stories that God knows I get a kick out of.
Friday evening, I look out the window and see a deer along the fence on the side of our yard.
A sight we see pretty regularly,
Yet I am always caught off guard.

I watch in amazement, as I always find them so graceful.
He was eating leaves from the trees all around him almost ferociously,
Which at the time I found kind of funny.

A few hours later I take the dogs out to do their business.
Normally the deer run immediately away.
Cooper and Coogee don’t have the best eyesight and it was getting just dark enough that they didn’t notice him.

Then a rabbit ran in front of Cooper and off he goes chasing it as it slides under the fence and near the deer.
I figured he would run for sure,
But no!
Cooper then spots this large animal and bravely approaches the fence where they smell each others noses.

I am standing in amazement!
No I didn’t grab my camera!
I know!!!

Then the deer head butts the fence and Cooper runs quickly off.
Coogee was watching and is now in mamma mode.
She runs up barking at the deer.
The deer then head butts the fence again and is trying to ram his way in!

I was kind of in
“What do I do? This has never happened before” thinking.

I go closer thinking at any moment he will bolt off.

He makes some growling noises and is clearly not happy with me.
Not in the least is he making any attempt to leave.

I want Coogee to leave him alone and stop barking and honestly he was scaring me!

I thought at any moment he was going to easily leap over the fence (which was very possible) and come after us.
(Ok I know he is just a deer, but have you seen their muscular legs?!)

I bang the bar-be-cue lid and eventually he did turn and leap off into the darkness.
Coogee triumphantly ran back to me,
Proud of her work.

The next several times they went out,
Both were a bit timid.

He returned the next evening but was not so eager to stick around.

This is Coogee barking at the deer.


207. For our riding lawn mower!
Is it strange that it’s one chore that I don’t hate?

208. For The Brick House Deli.


I love their wraps !

209.For flip flop weather!
It’s here! Warm weather is back!
Break out the flip flops that go with everything!

210. For the sweetness of watermelon and strawberries and peaches!
I love my summer fruits !

There is so much sweetness in those little moments and nothings.
Have you noticed?


Grazie Mille


172. A million thanks for bright and fragrant flowers!
I was eager to fill our flower beds this spring.
I could not wait, as they looked dry and devoid of life.
It wasn’t until last week that I heard that you should wait until after Mothers Day to plant.
Oops. Oh well, silly as it may seem I pray for our plants.

I just feel so inadequate as a gardener but I know in the end
I am just a caretaker of Gods beautiful gifts.


173. For my goofy dogs.

Coogee keeps bringing toys outside & then leaves them.
This morning I picked this one up to bring back inside & she tackled it out of my hands.
She didn’t play with it,
But was basically saying “leave it there!”

They keep me laughing and give me so much love.



174. For nice spring weather!
It’s been hit and miss but we have had a few days where we could enjoy our deck, and walk outside,
and mow the lawn,
And smile at the sun.


175. For great food !

Beware some of these you may gain weight just from looking at!

Brian’s vanilla bean cake
And a grape cream-tini

Dixie Cream Donuts

I swear that I could win a donut eating contest.
I have a huge weakness for donuts.


This was the best potato soup I have had.


A St Louis treat, gooey butter cake with caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream.

176. For views and scenery, that if we look are all sound us.


177. For coffee with my friend, Paula.

A cinnamon roll with orange glaze.

Paula and I talk a lot about faith and seem to always pass hours in what seems like minutes.

178. For my walk this morning.
I was able to reach today’s goal of 4 miles in under an hour.
(58 minutes.)

179. For the encouragement from my friends.

Yolanda and Staci are two of my greatest friends.
Always there with a smile and laugh.
Some days that is just what you need!

180. For my playlists of motivating songs.
These provide the soundtrack to my life and get me moving.

Where would I be without music?
On the couch?

181. For lotion that smells like sweetness.

182. For that really great Gellato commercial.

I love it!
The couple is fighting (in Italian) but reunite over Gellato.

In my heart, I am Italian so I find myself wanting to only hear the Italian and not read the subtitles.
I have to actually use the Totale Brian got for me so that I may converse so poetically in the loveliest language of all.

183. For shoe choices.

Isn’t it great to pick out a different pair of shoes depending on how you feel?

184. For vehicles to take us from one place to another.
We aren’t stuck in one spot, but are free to move and explore.

185. For the US, where we are really blessed to feel freedom over fear.

186. For prayers and the faith that they are heard and answered.

187. For Starbucks always coming up with new coffee treats!
They have a Carmel crunch frap that I will have to try.
A yummy summer fave, the mocha cookie crunch frap is back too.

Some days, need I tell you how much one of these is appreciated?

188. For being able to discuss “The Voice” & “American Idol” with Brian.

What can I say?!
I love to see new talent!

189. For showers, today especially !
After my walk this morning,
came work on the lawn.
Yes. A nice blend of sweat and fresh cut grass.
I smelled great.
So…a shower was gratifying.

190. For a girls get together with my sisters-in-law.
We are going to probably laugh a lot and catch up on life.
Finally, it feels like a long time coming.

fino alla prossima volta…
(Until next time- see it is better in Italian!)

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Doggone Time – Where Has It Gone


This is Cooper.
Begging to play.

I could almost hear his plea,
“Now?! Now will you play?!”

Oh he wasn’t alone.
Coogee joined in.


I have been pretty busy lately with helping my parents move into their new home.

The dogs weren’t the only ones begging for attention.
Also Brian was giving me his puppy eyed “Now?! Now do you have time for me?!” Look, too.

Happily my parents are mostly done with the unpacking now,
So all can return to normal in our home.
All my babies can rest in the fact that I will be able to spend more time loving them.

Last week I was drowning in boxes.
Boxes and boxes full of dishes, pictures, nick nacs, clothes….
Truck loads full of memories being hauled and carted and toted and dragged,
Up and down stairs,
In and around and over.

I do not feel the need to move for quite a while after experiencing the aches of it all.

Saying good-bye to our childhood home was not as hard for me.
I had said fare well a long time ago.

There is a new family to fill the walls with all of those great and noisy sounds.

The new house is but five minutes from us.
It felt like love at first sight for mom and dad.
Never dreaming it was possible as it was out of reach in price and then there was a drop.

Meant to be?
I feel it was.

There is an intimate kind of charm to the “hearth room” with the brick fireplace begging for a fire.
The kitchen already host to several meals, waiting for the echoes of laughter.

The large windows peeking out over the expansive yard has already spied
Boys sledding with gusto
And deer enjoying the feed meant for birds.

A dining room table big enough for our oversized family is ready for our Easter gathering.

The “parlor,” a work in progress,
Will be a luxury when guests overflow the other rooms.

So many stories will be told.
Jokes and parties.
Prayers and I am sure tears.
Furniture still to be bought will provide comfort for tired bodies and spaces to lounge or share or just hold the precious people who enter.

A new home.
Full of adventures and experiments and delightful smells of
Another cake mom has made for someone’s birthday.

The sounds of the hammer against nail as dad fixes a broken something.

The cats have also found new spots to sit and hide and run and of course snuggle.


I can’t wait to share in what will come
And see how this home holds our family.

In a sense,
We have a new home, too.
In reality they could have moved anywhere and we would have made it our families centerpiece.
But I am happy in this home,
as it seems to fit us just right.


To The Beauty Seen When Opening Our Eyes

Coogee and Cooper Cuddle Up

I have found my challenge to myself (1,000 thanks by Dec. 31) revealing and a bit more difficult than I thought.
It has made me aware of just how fortunate I am and I hope to continue into deeper gratitude.

I am into the second month and have not even provided 100 things to be thankful for yet.
So, I will try to be more vigilant in sharing.

The past several days I have so much to be thankful for!
The things I share are what -in this very moment –
I am so grateful for.

It has to pass through my thoughts and reach my heart.
These are not taken lightly or just items to come up with,
But each is truly important to me.

74. Coogee and Cooper’s friendship is such a fun relationship to be part of!
Coogee has helped Cooper feel safe and like part of the pack.
Cooper has come from such little socialization (before we adopted him) to now the ability to meet other dogs and people cheerfully.
They play together and support each other (backing the other one up with barks and standing right beside him/her) and even cuddle.
I just love them !

75. For my flatiron!


If you have never used one you may not appreciate this,
But let me tell you my hair needed it today to stop the frizzies.
My husband surprised me with this for my bday by getting with our hairdresser to buy me this awesome hair tool!
He had to be sneaky and didn’t let out one clue- what a good man!
I have had a few different flat irons.
My first very good quality one blew up in Australia. (My fault .) After that a few cheap ones.
This one tops them all!
The titanium plates beat the “Chi” any day of the week.

76. My comfy Cardinals tee.


Sometimes this is exactly what I need.
Nothing left to add to that.

77. The scale- today.
I kind of laugh at this one.
I was happy to see a small amount of progress today.
This changes though and I need to not rely on it.
It felt great though after weeks of working out and trying to make healthy food choices.

78. The delicious oatmeal and dark chocolate chip cookies I made. They are a healthier version made with applesauce and 4 cups of oats.
I tell you dark chocolate has become my friend! These “Special Dark” chocolate chips by Hershey are yummy!

Without a sweet snack I will feel as if I am depriving myself and that’s when problems happen.
So by making a healthy cookie,
I not only know exactly goes in it but can feel good about what goes in my body.

I must caution-
I am making sure to be aware of how many I eat.
Always in moderation.

79. For that fun and exciting Wednesday night art class!
I need to be creative and it just provides me with a peace and joy.

80. For a great date night with my husband on Tuesday.
We try to make time to connect and spend quality time together.
Some weeks more so than others.
It is always reassuring of how deep our love goes and how God has grown it to expansive grounds.
How lucky I am!

Just a side note – for those who fear the commitment and “bondage” of marriage- I feel bad that you are missing out on the beauty that lies within these walls. There is so much freedom in loving another unconditionally and having it returned.

81. For my fellow bloggers and readers and supporters!
Comments can be so uplifting and fuel me to keep posting.
As you know, blogging is a great way to journal ” out loud” and share with so many people you would never have met otherwise.
Thanks for the love!!

(Raising my wine glass)-
Here’s to a great weekend,
To loving those around us as if it was our last day,
And to the beauty seen when opening our eyes!

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My Super Sunday


So, it has come to my attention that I have a reason to cheer for the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
Justin Smith is a local guy.

Shows how much I watch football.

I do also know Ray Lewis is playing his last game and what a way to go out!

So this Super Sunday (61.) I have gone to church where the message was one of loving each other with a special challenge to reach out to someone we may be estranged from.

Made some cheesy eggs and read the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee(62.).

Otherwise I have been lounging with my cuddle buddies. (63.)

I was watching Super Nanny,but now I am being tortured with Pre-game stuff.
But am happy to occasionally sit by my hubby and annoy him with my questions and comments. (64.)
Sometimes he will flip for me to the adorable Puppy Bowl.
My choice would not be football interviews and stories,
But this is a special remote control day for guys, so I will not bother him about switching the channel.

(65.)It is a lovely sunny and mild day.
So it’s nice when I have to take the dogs out.
Coogee just wants to catch some rays.


I have rotel in one crock pot and BBQ meatballs in another. (66.) Yum!


So… The day is a nice relaxing day and I can’t complain.
Only 4 more hours of Pre-game.
Anyone else think that’s crazy?!

I hope wherever you are, your Sunday is Super.

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Mid-Winter Spring


Yesterday and today we have experienced a mid-winter spring.

Beautiful temps just begging for outside time!

So 48. it really is an encouragement for me.
The sun and warmth had me feeling so great!
Breathing in the freshness of life.
It has been just lovely!

That being said, tonight we switch to snow!
Still…the weather has been glorious.

49. Coogee and Cooper and I went on a great stroll today.
Tender toes, they don’t like cold and wet so the past two days have been Heaven for them.
They want to go out and just sit on the grass, listening to life and sniffing the air.
I am happy they had a few wonderful days in the midst of winter.

50. Coogee met up with Barnaby on our walk!
Adorable Barnaby, her friend.
They had played together when younger and we hadn’t seen him for a while so it was a nice treat.
He is a black cocker spaniel, with a stub of a tail that was just wagging away today.
He now has some gray on his chin,
But is so sweet.

Coogee did not want to leave him.
She sat on the road, as I tried to make our way on.
She pulled to go back, but it was time to keep walking.
She finally relented.

Cooper liked Barnaby.
This was their first meeting.
But he was o.k. with continuing the walk.
I hope we see him again soon.

52. Jillian pulled me through again on today’s workout.
“Good abs don’t come for free people!”

53. Yolanda and I are going to start training for the annual 5k.
Our goal is to run the whole way.
We start Monday!
6:00 a.m.
I love having this goal.
I love joining a friend in the pursuit of health.

More moments to come…

54. For being able to laugh at myself… I am grateful.
Last night my parents and brother had dinner with us.
I had extended our table to include more seating, when it was time to make the table smaller, I was pushing it together and unknowingly caught my sweater in it.
So I move to stand up and realize I am stuck.
I struggled for a minute before able to pull the table back apart.
I look over and Brian is smiling at me.
He had seen it all.
Many of these graceful moments in our house.
I had to laugh as I do so often when I am caught in a weird spot.

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Coogee Girl


Today My thanks is all about Coogee.

7. I thank God for her nine lives.
I realize this normally applies to cats,
But this month it goes for her.

Early December she had a lot of stomach problems. She is skinny as it is, so I didn’t want to see her lose any weight. It took about ten days for her to recover as I prayed and prayed that she would eat and have a normal poo.
(Uh. The things I pray for.)

Then about two weeks ago,
She very stealthy and ninja like had snuck open a bag of dark chocolate chips. She devoured half a bag! I had forgotten to close the pantry door as I moved from room to room sweeping the floor. (My fault!)

Later in the evening, Coogee started gagging. Knowing how she reacts to any changes in her diet, I started looking for what she may have gotten into.
I found the bag, opened at the seam and only half remaining.
They were special dark , which upon looking, are the worst kind of chocolate.
Then came the vet call. “What do I look for?”
I worried as I did what I should not have done,
I went online to see what could happen.

Uhh. Lets just say I was not comforted by anything I read.
So once again I set out to praying for her well being.

Finally, just a little while ago,
We came home from the groomers and I was getting the dogs out of our SUV, I grabbed an anxious Cooper in one arm and was preparing to pick up Coogee when she suddenly jumped down and hit her head on the concrete.

I was so scared as she froze up and started shaking.
I immediately put them back into the car and called the vet as I went racing to the office.
By the time I got there she was not shaking but I was concerned.
So…she has a concussion and was given an anti -inflammatory shot to help with swelling.
Tonight will be long as I look out for throwing up or seizures in which case, I call the vet and immediately meet him.

But he was optimistic so at the moment we go back tomorrow for a check up.
And once again I am praying for her health.

So…needless to say I am thankful that she has survived her traumatic month!

8.. Along with that, I thank God for His love of animals and (for as crazy as it may sound) for the healing of Coogee.

I don’t think God is beyond healing animals.
Especially when you put your trust in Him.
I do trust that He loves me so much that He would do this for me.

This may seem like some silliness
To those either non-dog lovers or
Non-believers or
People who put limits on Gods love,
But I am grateful that I know
His love knows no bounds.

So please join me in praying for Coogees head injury
And we might as well pray thanks for the healing and for Cooper and all pets out there,
Thank you Father for their unconditional love.


Romp In The Snow (Grown Up Style)


New Year’s Eve day, it’s snowing!
How much more festive and romantic can it get?

Brian and I were able to snuggle up in bed a little longer today,
As he wasn’t getting up at 5:00 a.m.
It was so nice to not have a cold side of the bed to wake to,
But hugs instead.
And then off to breakie (as the Aussie in us says- aka breakfast).


My fave- strawberry pancakes.
What you don’t see- bacon and breakfast potatoes.
I didn’t eat it all!
Perfect fuel to get started on this last day of the year.

So the snow is gorgeous.
(But after the holiday I am normally done with it and ready for spring. )

But…I insist on a good play in the snow when we have a more than a dusting.
Today looked promising.
Two to four inches predicted.
Constant big flakes,
Cascading onto the once green grass.

We watched and waited for the perfect time to go out.


The bad part?
Well…I don’t really have anyone to sled with.
Growing up with lots of brothers and sisters guaranteed sledding buddies.
Still…off we went.
Coogee, Cooper and I.


My toboggan.
Ready for its rider.

First you must make your tracks,
So I went up and down the hill a few times to get a good path.
Tedious but any sledder will tell you-
Necessary for a more enjoyable ride.

Then I needed a friend.
Guess who was available?!


Yes. Cooper!
Don’t freak out.
He had a nice couple of rides safely on my lap.
I don’t know if he liked it,
But he didn’t jump off.
So, I took that as a positive.

I went several times more,
Positive out neighbors must think I am nuts.

But I just couldn’t let the day go by without a turn down the hill.


Coogee got into the spirit and started chasing me.
She then would run as fast as she could up and down the hill.
Biting at the snow and
I am convinced
She was having a blast.

Cooper wanted to go in.
And I was done playing by myself
So in we went to the warm and cozy den.


Time for a good read and great coffee.

Wishing you a joy filled New Year!

My advice- take those once in a lifetime moments and grab them.
So it was just sledding down the hill,
But it more than that.
It was having child like fun.
And nothing beats that.

(So I didn’t last as long as I used to…oh well. It was still a good time.)

Happy and Blessed New Year to all!