Fun Fit 5K Plus

Having fun, getting fit, loving life

Grazie Mille


172. A million thanks for bright and fragrant flowers!
I was eager to fill our flower beds this spring.
I could not wait, as they looked dry and devoid of life.
It wasn’t until last week that I heard that you should wait until after Mothers Day to plant.
Oops. Oh well, silly as it may seem I pray for our plants.

I just feel so inadequate as a gardener but I know in the end
I am just a caretaker of Gods beautiful gifts.


173. For my goofy dogs.

Coogee keeps bringing toys outside & then leaves them.
This morning I picked this one up to bring back inside & she tackled it out of my hands.
She didn’t play with it,
But was basically saying “leave it there!”

They keep me laughing and give me so much love.



174. For nice spring weather!
It’s been hit and miss but we have had a few days where we could enjoy our deck, and walk outside,
and mow the lawn,
And smile at the sun.


175. For great food !

Beware some of these you may gain weight just from looking at!

Brian’s vanilla bean cake
And a grape cream-tini

Dixie Cream Donuts

I swear that I could win a donut eating contest.
I have a huge weakness for donuts.


This was the best potato soup I have had.


A St Louis treat, gooey butter cake with caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream.

176. For views and scenery, that if we look are all sound us.


177. For coffee with my friend, Paula.

A cinnamon roll with orange glaze.

Paula and I talk a lot about faith and seem to always pass hours in what seems like minutes.

178. For my walk this morning.
I was able to reach today’s goal of 4 miles in under an hour.
(58 minutes.)

179. For the encouragement from my friends.

Yolanda and Staci are two of my greatest friends.
Always there with a smile and laugh.
Some days that is just what you need!

180. For my playlists of motivating songs.
These provide the soundtrack to my life and get me moving.

Where would I be without music?
On the couch?

181. For lotion that smells like sweetness.

182. For that really great Gellato commercial.

I love it!
The couple is fighting (in Italian) but reunite over Gellato.

In my heart, I am Italian so I find myself wanting to only hear the Italian and not read the subtitles.
I have to actually use the Totale Brian got for me so that I may converse so poetically in the loveliest language of all.

183. For shoe choices.

Isn’t it great to pick out a different pair of shoes depending on how you feel?

184. For vehicles to take us from one place to another.
We aren’t stuck in one spot, but are free to move and explore.

185. For the US, where we are really blessed to feel freedom over fear.

186. For prayers and the faith that they are heard and answered.

187. For Starbucks always coming up with new coffee treats!
They have a Carmel crunch frap that I will have to try.
A yummy summer fave, the mocha cookie crunch frap is back too.

Some days, need I tell you how much one of these is appreciated?

188. For being able to discuss “The Voice” & “American Idol” with Brian.

What can I say?!
I love to see new talent!

189. For showers, today especially !
After my walk this morning,
came work on the lawn.
Yes. A nice blend of sweat and fresh cut grass.
I smelled great.
So…a shower was gratifying.

190. For a girls get together with my sisters-in-law.
We are going to probably laugh a lot and catch up on life.
Finally, it feels like a long time coming.

fino alla prossima volta…
(Until next time- see it is better in Italian!)

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Fit Tuesday


Fat Tuesday was not in my mind today.
I refused to let myself go there.
To let myself think that it doesn’t matter what I put in my body today.
I can not go to that unhealthy thought pattern that holidays and special events have always become for me.
Today was “fit Tuesday” as a rebellion against the norm.

I am worth more.

My thanks today revolves around fitness and health that I am trying so hard to make my new habit.

82. I am so grateful for healthy literature.
Today I picked up Weight Watchers Magazine to inspire me and keep me motivated.

I have found that I need to absorb health tips to keep my mind focused.

I loved this article about walking.
They even gave you a playlist for a 20 minute walk.


83. For my adorable walking buddies.
The dogs and I took a walk this afternoon at a brisk pace.
Cooper struggled.
Poor guy.
I really thought he was going to just flop down, as he has done before.
But he didn’t and they seemed to enjoy getting out of the house.

84. It was so nice to add a little more exercise to my day.
It was a “Jillian” day and boy was it tough today.
I am not sure why that was,
But I was so happy to finish the 20 plus minute workout.
So to find extra energy after my errands to go out walking with my buddies was a bonus.

85. Thank God for those moments when I can beat the negative thoughts away.
There have been self doubts trying to attack my self esteem.

Thoughts come honestly after watching a show where I see someone I want to look like. Or putting on clothes that don’t look right. Or seeing my reflection in a store window.
I was thin. I looked so much better before…
And then you know how the words fill your thoughts.
“I will not get back to that .”
“I can’t do it.”
“I will never be thin.”
And so on…

Self pity likes to attack when I feel vulnerable. It’s ugly.
So I have to stop these cancers.
I can’t let them eat away at the truth.

The truth is:
86. I am capable of anything I set my mind on.
87. I will be as healthy as I can be each day.
88. God is on my side and providing the strength I need to combat negativity, bad habits and slacking off.
89. I have great support who love me no matter what.
90. I am beautiful.
God doesn’t make ugly.

And finally this:
I am made for more than this.
I am made to go and do.
I am made to be the best I can be and that means not giving in to the negative.

So today was
“Fit Tuesday” for me.
Tomorrow I will do it again.
For me.

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Laugh In The Face Of Sweat

Sunrise at the Keller’s

Why can I never capture the exact colors of the sunrise on a photo?
There were some brilliant oranges mixed in with yellow.
Gorgeous !


I woke up early to get the dogs to the groomer and was sweetly surprised by these bright colors.
You know how it kind of takes your breath away?
I was also startled by the freezing temperature slapping me in the face.
God knew what I needed to wake up,
So He took the sting away with the inspiring sun rise.
37. I must say thanks for the undefinable glory in the morning sky. This goes to the greatest artist ever, Abba.

After dropping the babies off,
It was back home to work out.

38. I am grateful for our elliptical so that I don’t have to go to a gym.

Besides saving money, on a cold day like today it’s so nice to be home and not running from the car to building,
Building to car.


Today I worked off 213 plus calories on this machine. That’s 20 minutes between aerobic and fat burn the whole time.
39.This pace feels like running to me which is a bonus
because I have never been able to run even though I really want to.
Plus this is supposed to be safer on the knees.
I truly was smiling in the face of sweat today.
I had to push myself through those moments where my legs say ,
“No!!! I can’t !”
I think of Jillian saying,
“Yes you can!”
(O.k. So she is Yelling at me. )

If I can do this people,
You can too!
I mean I can be a bit dramatic at times and so I have to fight to get to my inner strength.
I think we all have it,
Sometimes it is buried but dig deep.
You will find it.
Get angry if you have to,
But keep going.

I can’t believe I have gotten to that point but I have.
It doesn’t mean it’s easy.
It is a fight each work out, but I close my eyes and shut out the world and move on.

Which leads me to
40. Channel 818 on Direct TV. My music. It’s called “Today’s Hottest Hits” and it works for me!
I tried a work out music channel and I just could not groove to it.

Maybe because I can sing along or I just like running to Taylor Swift,
But I love this channel for my elliptical mornings.

41. I am loving my water with lemon (or lime or other citrus fruit).


I have gone cold turkey with soda.
No more of that evil drink.
It is addicting and sweet and yummy but I can’t have it.
The carbonation is bad for you and bloats you up.
The sugar or sweetener is not only bad for you, but leaves you wanting more.
So… I am giving it up.
I will allow myself an occasional soda but only on rare occasions.

I find that my body bloats up and I will get into the habit of grabbing a can rather than grabbing some water.

So I am going through detox.
I don’t like the flavored waters and I do not want to drink a sparkling aka carbonated water.
I will fill my glass then refill once empty.
I am trying for my 8 glasses a day,
But that’s hard for me in general, drinking that much of anything.

I encourage you to put a lime in your water if you don’t like water.
You know,
When I go to the spa,
the water just looks delectable with the lemons and lime.
Plus it feels refreshing.
Why not create my own spa feeling?

42. I am grateful for the life of “Big Becky.”
Our first babysitter, she went to her eternal home this week.
She had been suffering for a long period of time with cancer.

My regret – I never went to tell her good-bye.
I have always had a hard time with this.
I would rather remember her as she was in my mind.
This is selfish of me,
But I really have a hard time and could never give last respects to my grandparents or my brother-in-law.
It’s just some kind of block that I can’t break right now.

So I remember the best part about her- her smile. I will never forget it.
Plus she made us something that we had never heard of (and still have never heard of people making)-
Fried crackers. Weird, right?
You take saltines and butter them and fry them.
We thought they were so good!
It was a treat for us.
(The things you think as a child!)
So funny to think about.

I hadn’t seen her in many years,
But she was a part of my youth etched into the good memory section.

I pray for her children, husband and family that they find comfort and peace.

43. For locks on doors, I am sooooo thankful!
Brian and I watched “The Following” last night.
Oh my gosh !
Kevin Bacon is in this new TV series and it is well done,
But scary!

Maybe I should say creepy.
I don’t know.

I had my hands over my eyes through a lot of it.
The premise is about a serial killer and his followers. How he doesn’t even have to be out in society to create havoc.
His followers can do it for him.

And it makes me worry that other crazy people out there will see this and get some odd ideas.

Anyway, it is different than any other show I have seen.
I was huddled in my chair, blanket to my chin.
If you want to watch a movie or show in peace, don’t watch with me.

I will watch it because I need to see the bad guys captured.
Let me know if you have seen it and what you think.

Ok I must move on now,
But have a great day and don’t forget to lock your doors and look in your car before getting in and oh don’t talk to strangers….


Madonna -In A Nut Shell


Pre-flight celebration started last night with a girls night out to see Madonna.

We thought, “this will be great!
Madonna! Fun!
Love a lot of her new songs and old.
Great time!”

What can I say after?!

It did not live up to expectations.

The first 30 minutes to 45 minutes were violent with guns pointed at audience members and “blood” splattering on the large screen and a scene about her killing her whatever (boyfriend …).

She began with what I consider demonic looking and truly felt as if she was trying to out “show” Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga,
Yet she is older and is more pop music than rock…

Just didn’t work for me.

Then came the more light hearted music with drummers suspended in mid-air. Which did look cool.
Definitely more upbeat and fun,
Yet too much auto-tune.

She sang 3 older songs.
Vogue- which was great and had
Everyone on their feet.

But then came “Like A Virgin”.
We had no idea what it was for a long while.
Yah- the most recognizable song.
Very slow, and I guess she was going for lounge singer?

The most awesome song of the night was “Like A Prayer”
Everyone immediately stood and were dancing and singing.
2nd to last song of the night.

People left early in the show
and throughout the concert were walking out.

Mid- Madonna concert.
Weird, right ?!
(Yes, that is what people thought of her first show- EVER- in St. Louis.)

I expected some drama and have heard about some of the theatrics but
Really I thought,
“It’s Madonna!”
Should be great no matter what.

Definitely not what we expected.

In a nut shell-
She appeared as if she was trying too hard to fit in to today’s music scene.

Just stick with what you are-
A Pop star.

A pop princess at that.
You can do all that fun and funky stuff but don’t,
I repeat,
Don’t change your classics.

I mean she is 53 looking like she wants to be 25.

Madonna has done many crazy things in her day.
Is it the fact that she can’t top those antics ?

Oh well.
Glad we went still but we heard a few
Comments of people not happy with the show.

Oh plus she didn’t start singing til 10:45 which felt a little too “diva” for me given the concert was supposed to start at 8:00 and though I know they don’t start on time,
This was pushing it.

I really think an icon of pop,
A queen in her own right,
Should be able to perform like a legend.

Aerosmith is of an earlier generation than she,
And you know what to expect…
Them. Their songs, the way you love them.

I wanted that of her.

Still…it was Madonna and we did experience her show.
We don’t regret going,
But we now are inspired to get to a great concert soon.

Now…off to Sydney!


Got Funk?


Last night we got funky!
Oh yeah.

We went to a concert featuring
Dr. John and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Dr. John entered with so much Na’Orlens (New Orleans to me)
Swagger it stank.

Ya get what I’m sayin’?!

Cool mo,
Voice gritty smooth,
Playing the piano and organ at the same time!

Pure and rhythmic.
Tapping your toes,
Clapping along,
And then…

The Blind Boys come out.


Can I just say their presence and very essence wafts over the crowd in that instance.

You feel their souls pouring out.
Spirituals sung with gusto and glory.
You start swaying and

“Amazing Grace” to the tune
Of “House of the Rising Sun.”
Moving and powerful beyond words.

When they came down to walk through the crowd you were graced with a joyful soul.


Another highlight,
Lady trombone playing the very life out of her instrument.
Funk can’t quite describe her voice.
Whining and stretching the notes deep within.


A Sunday night funk-fest
Roof swelling with the sounds of souls
Sharing their stories.

We got funked
And loved every minute!

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Summer Sounds


I was laying by the pool yesterday on one of those plastic white lounge chairs enjoying the sounds of the pool when a song came on the radio that made me feel summer.

There are just some songs that are “summer songs.”. They would transport you to the beach in the middle of a snow storm!

Here are some of my favorite tunes I associate with pools, beaches and bathing suits.

-“Magic” by the Cars
(All of you youngsters will have to go look them up on iTunes.)
Also by the Cars-
“My Best Friends Girl”
“You Might Think”
“Just What I Needed”

-“Put Your Records On”
By Corinne Bailey Rae
Also “Like A Star”

-“Soak Up The Sun”
By Sheryl Crow

-“California Gurls”
(Yes that’s how they spelled it)
By Katie Perry with Snoop Dog

-“Free Fallin’ ”
By Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

-“Island In The Sun”
By Weezer
Also “Surf Wax America”

-“Steal My Sunshine”
By Len

-“Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay
By Otis Redding
(Probably the best poolside song!)

-“Lovely Day”
By Bill Withers

-“American Girls”
By Counting Crows

-“Love Like This”
By Natasha Bedingfield

-“Wavin’ Flag”
By K’naan

And of course any song by the soul of summer himself,
Bob Marley!

My faves of his are:
“Stir It Up”
“No Woman, No Cry”
“One Love”

I hope this inspires you to make up your own new summer playlist.
Feel free to share what your favorite songs are.

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