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Am I Poor Or Rich?


“There was a rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day.
And lying at his door was a poor man named Lazarus,
covered with sores,
who would gladly have eaten his fill of the scraps that fell from the rich man’s table.
Dogs even used to come and lick his sores.

When the poor man died,
he was carried away by angels to the bosom of Abraham.
The rich man also died and was buried,
and from the netherworld,
where he was in torment,
he raised his eyes and saw Abraham far off
and Lazarus at his side.
And he cried out, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me.
Send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue,
for I am suffering torment in these flames.’

Abraham replied,
‘My child, remember that you received what was good during your lifetime while Lazarus likewise received what was bad;
but now he is comforted here,whereas you are tormented.
Moreover, between us and you a great chasm is established to prevent anyone from crossing who might wish to go from our side to yours
or from your side to ours.’
He said, ‘Then I beg you, father, send him to my father’s house,
for I have five brothers, so that he may warn them, lest they too come to this place of torment.’
But Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the prophets.
Let them listen to them.’
He said, ‘Oh no, father Abraham, but if someone from the dead goes to them,
they will repent.’

Then Abraham said, ‘If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets,
neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.'”

(Luke 16: 19 -31)

This morning I sit and reflect on this very gripping parable.
As I prepare for Easter and the fact that the Lord is risen,
I remember all that He sacrificed for me.
Have I heard it or felt it or do I ignore what lays before me like the rich man?

We have been left with the guidebook to life.
We are taught to love and give til you have nothing left.

Will it hurt? Yes.
Will it be easy? No.
Is it a daily chore? Yes.

It is easy to get swept into the house with flowing food and drink,
warmth and clothing,
clean water and more than enough stuff.

It is easy to turn my mind away from the hearts true calling,
to “forget” the real work by doing menial tasks.

There are people who God has put into my life for a reason.
I need to serve them and be as giving as Jesus would be.
I need to remember that everything here,
All of the “things” acquired
accumulate for nothing.
I die without them.

My time spent wiping my mouth,
should be spent feeding the hungry.

My time spent watching t.v. should be spent inviting someone in.
Clothing them and washing their feet.

It is hard to give up what is most treasured and yet we are asked to.
Not for suffering sake,
but to wean the heart of any wrong desires.

I need to watch my tongue and serve those I love.
My own desires should be put off.
I don’t need to satisfy selfish thoughts and wants.

Is there a beggar within me?
Able to take the scraps and cherish them?
Able to take the looks and scorn just because I love Jesus and will put myself last?
Able to not desire what is more than necessary, but just enough?

The rich man, while being tormented,
was asking Lazarus to serve him.
To dip his finger and cool his lips.
Am I that blind?
Can I see the wrongs and rights of what I say and think?

I can visualize this story.
I can see the whole situation,
but the question is which person reflects me?


Stuck In Snow Driven Thanks


124.  I am so thankful for MODOT (Misssouri Dept. of Transportation) for keeping on top of all the snow dumped on us this past week.

Thank God we aren’t snowed in.

The streets are very drivable and despite having over a foot of snow,

we are able to make appointments and go to work and run errands.

If only we all had access to a big truck with plow,

because the heavy snow nearly breaks your back and the ice leaves you frustrated as

the shovel comes to a screeching halt when it hits that immovable force.

Alas, I am very happy to say our SUV accepted  the challenge of piles of snow mixed with ice.

Not willing to go out in the ugly and cold yesterday,

the shoveling didn’t happen before we had an appointment to go over taxes.

Needless to say, the end of the driveway almost jeered at us,

with its big, ugly and somewhat crunchy mountain.

Like I said, (125.) our SUV went over and through the mess while I held my breath.

We are much more fortunate than some to our north who lost electricity.

The weight of heavy snow breaking branches,

building roofs have collapsed and power lines plummeted to streets and sidewalks.

Yes, we narrowly missed the worst of this past storm. (126.)

Coogee and Cooper are no longer finding adventure in the snow,

but are having a really hard time trying to fight their way across the expansive mounds.

They will suddenly sink deep into the snow and look almost shocked.

Cooper has to really push himself on, while Coogee does her best jump to get out of the hole she created.

They will be so happy to see grass.

I too will be happy to have this all gone,

but I know it will create flooding.

All this moisture has to go somewhere.

The good news is that it should help the farmers out a bit.

The bad news is there will be a lot of mud and water for a while.

We will get through it but it will require a lot of mopping.

As I write snow is still falling.

Not anything that will bring about more accumulation.

But here we are at the end of February and it feels as if winter has just arrived.

I eagerly await the sun and warmth of spring.

Til then,

I will be stuck in my snow driven thanks to warm my heart.

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Photo Journal of Thanks



Winter Storm Q dropped about 6 – 8 inches of snow mixed with ice locally.

This was that night after Brian and I had shoveled 3 different times to make a potty path and clear the driveway.

116.  It was hilarious to see Coogee running only on the cleared paths with Cooper trailing behind her.

I had shovel in hand and she would  run as fast as she could up and down the trail behind me.

You could tell she thought it was so fun to have an almost tunnel like space to roam.

Cooper just kind of trailed along,

a little slower,

occasionally stopping by the door as if to say “Please can we go in.”

They would start to wonder off of the path and then sink down to almost chest level.

Coogee wasn’t quite sure of what to make of that so she stuck to the clearings.

Friday morning,

they were able to walk across the frozen snow without sinking in.

This became a new adventure as they decided it was better than the path.

Then came the sun and some melting began,

which left them confused as they sunk into the wetness again.

Another blast is coming through, sure to bring more winter fun.

I am sure these guys will give me plenty more to laugh at.Image

117. My fantastic salad for my family.

I put together a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce with tomatoes, peppers, almonds, dried cranberries and freshly grated parmesan.  It was fresh and crisp with a light balsamic vinaigrette.

This went perfect with the ahi tuna my sister prepared for us.


118.  My family gathered together to celebrate birthdays (and so much more…)

We had a great weekend of laughing and eating (of course) and reconnecting.

With people in all different directions, it is not the easiest task to get everyone together.

We had all but Bek (she does live in Australia) and her family.

Bek sent videos which was a great way for her to be a part of the activities.

My older brother turned 40, which was the main reason for our parties.

He was the first one to really dare me and challenge me.

I think that is why I am not as hesitant to go on new adventures.

We went through memorabilia that was being sorted by my mom as she and dad pack up the house for the big move.

It was great (and slightly cringe worthy at times) as my brother read his story written in the 7th grade.  It was fantastically clever and had us all rolling in laughter.

So many moments shared…



119.  Our Godson loving on the dogs and being his happy-go-lucky self.

Evan is so sweet.  He is one and has been raised with dogs, so he loves them.

He would hug and kiss Coogee and Cooper and nicely pet them. 

Poor little guy has some teeth coming in so his nose is runny and cheeks are red and he hasn’t been sleeping on a normal schedule.

But man is he such a good sport, ready to play with us at any given moment.

(Poor James and Sheena could use an extra night or two of sleep.)

His parents made the announcement that they are expecting number 2,

so there is another blessing to join in the family fun.

They make great parents, so I am sure another little one will double their joy 

(Well and their work, but they can handle it.).

How fantastic that they were able to make it this weekend!

We never seem to have enough time together.




120.  Snow Ice Cream!

Will and Kim are newly engaged.  

It happened while in Australia and the whole family is happy for them.

They shared photos of the trip and we got to be part of their vacation.

They seem to be just what the other needs.

So, Kim made us all snow ice cream which really solidifies her place as a new sister in my mind.  

I just don’t think we could be luckier to have these fantastic spouses for our siblings!


122.  MMM. Chocolate Cake from Cheesecake Factory.

We all had our forks in hand as we just started stabbing away at it in between bites of snow ice cream.

Thanks to Melissa for bringing this fantastic treat!

She also made us egg beaters breakfast.

It was also so fun working out with her on Saturday morning!

It was Great to spend some time together.


123.  After a busy and full weekend, we had no problem sleeping.

Bellies and hearts equally stuffed.

What a great weekend to celebrate all of the birthdays and mom and dad’s new house and a new baby and an engagement!

Once again I must say that God is good and through it all,

I will always be able to rely on my family.

What more could I want or need?

Thanks to all of my family for making the trip, spending the money, taking the time, sparing the hugs and gathering together.

Wherever you are, 

Whatever you do,

We will always be

With each other in spirit.

I love you each.




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“Q” Finally Has The Stage

The Weather Channel’s Outlook

So we may be getting a little snow and ice in the next 24 hours.
Welcome winter.
They have named this system “Q”.
Funny q is usually such a limited letter,
Finally it takes the stage.

111. Thank God for the weather men and women.
We get a chance to prepare for the possible worst.
So we run out and buy salt for the drive, ice scrapers and food.
If it doesn’t get as bad as expected,
we are prepared for the next go round.
If it does happen, we are ready.

To be able to have advance warning,
Is amazing.
To be able to discuss what to do if you lose power and have a plan is invaluable.

112. For the drought ridden areas getting much needed moisture, it is a blessing.
Farmers can tell you how bad it is in certain areas.
Crops need the snow and precipitation.
And we all are affected when we go to the store to buy the fruit and vegetables they provide.

113. For sweaters and blankets and heaters and warmth.
We are going to need these much loved methods to relieve the outside frigid temperatures.

114. Books and more books.
How fantastic to be able to cuddle in with a great story!
The imagination can run wild with the imagery on the pages.

115. For the mop I know I will be using after 8 little paws get in from the wet snow.
Need I say more ?
All you pet parents know what I am talking about.

Anyone else getting snowed in or affected by “Q,”
I will be thinking of you and praying for your warmth and safety.

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The Earth Is Filled With His Glory


More thankfulness to share with you.
Some more thought provoking than others, I hope you can relate to my feeling of grateful and yet humbled by all I have.


105.. I love these shoes my sis gave me for Christmas!
I finally had a chance to wear them when Brian & I went out Saturday night.
Do you know they were some of the most comfortable heels I have?
Love them!!

106. I am thankful for my friend, Elisa, who called me yesterday.
She lives in Melbourne, Australia and is like a sister to me.
It is just always great to hear her voice and be a part of her life.
She has let me in & opened her heart to me.
It is a very trusting relationship when you can become vulnerable with someone.
I feel loved knowing that she has trusted me.

I feel great that God has led us to each other from across the world!

She has the most beautiful words and her connection to The Lord flows through to me.
I learn so much from her wisdom and she allows me to speak words I know God wants her to hear.
She takes them in with gratefulness and that is a gift in itself.

107. For email & FaceTime, I am so grateful!
I can connect with my family far away as if they are right next to me.
This helps when I just need to see the kids faces or hear their little voices.
When I want to feel like a part of my sisters family, I can use face time and there they are!
It is such an amazing part of technology!

108. For scented candles!
I made tacos last night and the smell still lingers.
So…thank God for the candles I am burning right now.

109. For the Word of God.
I needed to reflect this morning.
I was feeling thirsty for more than just any word.
We have many Bibles in our house and to just be able to take one off of the shelf and read His words,
People have died transporting this “book.”
People have died because they have read it.
Is it dangerous?
Because if you receive what it truly says,
You know that it doesn’t matter what you have or what happens to you.
Love. The love of God beats out all of the negative.

You can live free when you trust and connect with the truth.
So I must practice and appreciate the Word of God.

110. For the unending gifts showered upon me.
My Father has shown me time and again that He waits for me and that He would do anything for me.
The past day or two I have felt This awareness of what He will do for me.
That everyday He is showing me
if only
I see.

“My peace be with you.”
I have felt Him say over and over the past several days.
My focus for the week.
Be at one with His peace.
Block out the distractions and meditate on that loving thought.

“Holy,holy, holy is The Lord of Hosts!
All the earth is filled with his glory!”
Isaiah 6:3



An Evening In The Wine Cellar


Yesterday evening Brian surprised me by making reservations at one of our favorite restaurants,
The Wine Cellar & Bistro.

This was our fourth visit and it was like going over to your best friends house.
We felt welcomed and comfortable.

We love the fact that the executive chef, Craig Cyr, uses local farms to create a unique and ever changing menu.

You walk into an ambient, warmly lit room where artistic wine crate lids line the walls.
There are a thousand bottles of wine just begging to be sipped.

I always tend to find a new favorite wine, this night was no exception.


This is a No Co Pinot Noir.
Smooth and fresh, I could drink this all night long!



Lu was our fantastic waitress.
She let us take our time and seemed to have an understanding that we wanted to spend the evening relaxed.
Some restaurants leave you feeling hurried. Rushed so they can replace you with other customers.
Not here.

We started with a choice of Dungeness Crab Cakes.
These were served with a sweet and spicy mango & roasted red pepper relish along with an avocado, boursin whipped cream.
Creamy and delicate, we enjoyed trying something new.
I absolutely loved the relish with the fresh crab.



Next up, my all time favorite salad,
the orange mozzarella salad.
This is a mix of greens peppered with fresh mozzarella, strawberries, candied pecans and an orange balsamic vinaigrette.

Lu made sure we had plenty of wine, (which I was happy she recommended) and kept the food coming.

Next up, the entrees.


Brian chose the free-range chicken and pancetta ravioli.
Homemade pasta with the saltiness of the pancetta and creamy basil pesto sauce.
What’s not to like?

And for the lady?


The grass-fed rib-eye.
Basted in a port wine butter, it was served with potato & cheddar gratin, carrots and a wine reduction.
The flavor of the sauce was perfect!

Each bite a delicate blend of flavors,
The meal was delicious.

A fine dining experience is never complete without dessert.
I don’t care what kind of diet I am on, dessert was happening.


A chocolate cake with raspberry and caramel sauces.
Exquisitely rich, yet light.
The perfect way to end my meal, accompanied by coffee of course.

Brian chose another favorite of ours, the creme brûlée.


One bite of the crunchy caramelized top with the creamy goodness along with strawberry and chocolate and you are transported to heaven.

We had such an enjoyable evening.
Thanks to Lu for her suggestions and great service,
Along with all of the staff.

The Wine Cellar is a must in my eyes.

Check them out here:
The Wine Cellar & Bistro


Miles of Thanks



I have so much to be thankful for, 

 here is just a few.

97.  Brian got me the best gift ever!  A Nike Fuel Band.

This thing is so great!  We both have one so that we can not only support each other, 

but probably more realistically compete.

Yes, we both have a competitive nature.

You set goals for how active you would like to be and it measures your activity.

There is a chip that is in the band that syncs to the app on our phones.

We can see how many steps we have walked, 

how many calories burned and how many points toward our activity goal.

It is awesome!!

Check it out at

Hopefully this will lead us to the best fitness of our lives.


98.  We are going on a date tonight

So excited.  It’s actually a surprise where, but so fantastic that Brian took the time and energy to set something up for us.

He works very hard and is so busy, so I appreciate the effort to make room for “us” time.

99.  My Vet Loves My Dogs

I love Dr. Popp!  He makes sure to answer my questions and calm my fears.

He remembers them when they come in and gives them treats happily.

He loves Cooper’s cute face and had him “talking” while he laughingly grabbed some treats.

It makes me feel so good that I have a vet and the assistants who I can trust.

I have been somewhere that was not warm.

The doctor never seemed thrilled to see Coogee, it was actually upsetting to go there.

So…my advice is to switch if you aren’t happy.

There are vets that really love animals and their job.

100.  I had a fun trivia event last night.

There are a lot of different charities that will host a trivia night to raise money.

You get a group of 8 – 10 per table and there are 10 different themes with 10 questions per theme.

There are games in between where you pay a couple of dollars and guess true or false or

heads or tails…  Silent auctions and food accompany the activities.

It’s a great time, not that I am a huge help.

I have found that everyone has an area where they feel confident about knowing some answers.

101. Our new piece of furniture works great in the space.

I was so worried we wouldn’t love it, but we do!

It’s great that we can sit together and hold hands if we want to.


102.  The scale has not gone up.

Yeah!  I am focusing on that rather than how quickly it should be moving down.

How easy it is to find the negative in your success.

And really there is no negative.

I am working on a goal.

I am moving forward.

Mile by mile.

It’s happening.

103.  I am reaching my goal of fitness and health.

I am feeling stronger in mind and body.

Last night I looked at the nutrition guide while going out to make wise choices.

And I was happy with it and didn’t feel the need to cry for not getting something very fattening.

I even turned down some pizza that I used to love because it turned my stomach just looking at the grease.

104.  I am loving the Yoplait frozen smoothies.

You just add a cup of apple juice and blend away.

Love the strawberry banana! 


More thanks to come…

Miles and miles of thanks!


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Choose To Love Emphatically


Expensive flowers, chocolates galore, heart everything, hard-to-get reservations, a million choices of cards…

Has Valentine’s Day run amuck?

I feel bad for all of my single friends who often feel alone and depressed on this one day.
Ask them if they like Valentine’s Day & you will get a resounding “No!”

I get that and only hope they go out with girlfriends or someone just for the fun of it.
To say, ” Uh uh. You aren’t taking my joy, V day!”
Pal-intine’s Day it is.
Big hug to you all !!

As far as I am concerned,
I feel it necessary and exciting!

I get to show my husband how much I love him!

And while, yes, we should always do this…it doesn’t happen.
Real life takes over well intentioned thoughts and you don’t end up
Making that romantic dinner or giving a special gift or sharing your feelings or
Finding a special card.

So a day laid out for me,
To actually take the time to express my love in special ways is important.

Besides that-
I am so lucky to have my soul mate next to me.
My single friends would give anything to celebrate this day with someone they love.
I must appreciate what I have.

Why would anyone complain that they have to give their spouse or partner gifts?

Aren’t they worth it?

If they were gone, wouldn’t it be a shame that you didn’t go out of your way to show them how much they mean to you?

Who cares if pink threw up in every store and hearts are in every food product?!
Embrace it.

Brian and I have a special flower-
“Fire and Ice” roses.
To me they look like an inside-out flower.
They are white with red trim.
He used to get them for me every month on our anniversary and would send the sweetest cards!
He wanted to make sure I knew how much I meant to him.
He put it all out there!

So now when he sends me these flowers,
They mean that he still wants me to know how much I mean to him.
That he would go all out for me…still.
After 20 plus years since our first date.

The cards we get each other express our thoughts in ways we don’t say every day.

The day is meant to deepen relationships.

How does it happen without becoming vulnerable and opening your heart?

So you risk a blank stare,
A reaction not equal to your passion.
Yes, it’s a bold idea to share feelings.
Scary yet honest.
Your heart exposed.

It is worth it.
I know.
A deeper connection.
Better communication.
The thing you hold on to when nothing else seems right with the world.
The memory that imprints on your heart.
It is worth it.

We have learned over the years that love is doing things for the other that you may not enjoy
(without complaining) because they are worth it.
(Laundry, dishes, going to the store…)

Holding my tongue or sharing the last cookie,
Watching a movie I don’t like or going to his choice of restaurant,
It may seem huge at the time to me,
But how much larger does it increase our hearts?!

Yes we have grown from those petty fights that would last days.

We have become partners,
Seeking each others advice and trying to give more than we take.

Valentine’s Day is more meaningful for me now.

I know love can overcome struggles and just how crucial it is to share how much you love the other.

And if it costs more money on this one day than any other time of year?
Brian is worth it and then some.

Don’t take love for granted.
Don’t complain over the price of roses.
Know that what you have may not be there tomorrow.
Express your love in the biggest way today.

Be daring.
Choose to love emphatically!

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Good News Wednesday



My March “Health” magazine arrived today.

I always love the new issues!

Bright pages full of stories and facts and recipes and exercises.

Any new magazine is a joy to receive in the mail!

So what do I find upon opening the pages?

A great fact!

91.  “folks who watched a 90 minute horror flick burned, on average, 113 calories.”

Well, it just so happens that Brian and I have been watching “The Following,”

which is a definite heart pounding show!

It’s not 90 minutes, but I know that I burn some calories.

I go from huddling up to jumping to screaming to laughing at myself screaming.

This show is very well done.  A must see (with lights on, in the daytime, doors locked).

So does this classify as a mini-workout?  

92.  My body is now craving water!  Not soda, but plain water.

Finally I think I have passed the hurdle of really wanting a big coke.

(No Pepsi in this household please.)

I still do like the taste of coke, but I feel so thirsty if I don’t get enough water in.

The challenge for me was the willpower to say “No.”

I am not saying it’s over for soda, but definitely not a go-to, quick grab.

93.  I feel a butterfly is emerging out of her cocoon.

Slowly, I am turning to exercise and health to rejuvenate me.

It is a process and a fight some days.

Yet, I know that my body is changing.  I know that inside of me, I am become stronger.

I have to remind myself of all that I have learned.

I need my reading materials and even “The Biggest Loser” to motivate that inner sleeping beauty.

Constantly challenging myself to do more or question what is going in my mouth.

Each day is one step closer to breaking free of this shell that holds me back.

94.  We have a new piece of furniture arriving today.

Brian’s recliner has lost it’s battle with age and ugliness.

We found a double recliner that is a carmel leather with an arm rest and cup holders between the seats.

Now I know what you are thinking- best cuddle couch to watch “The Following!!”

(Oh, was that not what you were thinking?)

Anyway, we were questioning the looks of it.

We think it looks classier than a “normal” recliner,

it’s not poofy (technical recliner talk) and the carmel color is so smooth and rich.

But…we were told that our house looked like a “Starbucks” and I hate to ruin that look.

We love it’s comfort and the fact that we will be able to sit together and hold hands while watching a show or reading. (Awwww..)

We shall see…I am anxiously awaiting the furniture truck.

95.  The sun is out and we are 1 day closer to Spring.

We weren’t covered by snow like the New England area.

The dogs and I have been able to walk after lunch without freezing.

It’s been great!

96.  Banana Joe got “Best In Show!”

Westminster got it right. 

This guy is the cutest affenpinscher!

Brian and I saw him lose out to some other dog recently in a show.

Plus Swagger (old english sheepdog) was named the Reserved Best In Show.

Both my picks. 

Both super cuddly!  

This is Banana Joe:


Did you fall in love?

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Fit Tuesday


Fat Tuesday was not in my mind today.
I refused to let myself go there.
To let myself think that it doesn’t matter what I put in my body today.
I can not go to that unhealthy thought pattern that holidays and special events have always become for me.
Today was “fit Tuesday” as a rebellion against the norm.

I am worth more.

My thanks today revolves around fitness and health that I am trying so hard to make my new habit.

82. I am so grateful for healthy literature.
Today I picked up Weight Watchers Magazine to inspire me and keep me motivated.

I have found that I need to absorb health tips to keep my mind focused.

I loved this article about walking.
They even gave you a playlist for a 20 minute walk.


83. For my adorable walking buddies.
The dogs and I took a walk this afternoon at a brisk pace.
Cooper struggled.
Poor guy.
I really thought he was going to just flop down, as he has done before.
But he didn’t and they seemed to enjoy getting out of the house.

84. It was so nice to add a little more exercise to my day.
It was a “Jillian” day and boy was it tough today.
I am not sure why that was,
But I was so happy to finish the 20 plus minute workout.
So to find extra energy after my errands to go out walking with my buddies was a bonus.

85. Thank God for those moments when I can beat the negative thoughts away.
There have been self doubts trying to attack my self esteem.

Thoughts come honestly after watching a show where I see someone I want to look like. Or putting on clothes that don’t look right. Or seeing my reflection in a store window.
I was thin. I looked so much better before…
And then you know how the words fill your thoughts.
“I will not get back to that .”
“I can’t do it.”
“I will never be thin.”
And so on…

Self pity likes to attack when I feel vulnerable. It’s ugly.
So I have to stop these cancers.
I can’t let them eat away at the truth.

The truth is:
86. I am capable of anything I set my mind on.
87. I will be as healthy as I can be each day.
88. God is on my side and providing the strength I need to combat negativity, bad habits and slacking off.
89. I have great support who love me no matter what.
90. I am beautiful.
God doesn’t make ugly.

And finally this:
I am made for more than this.
I am made to go and do.
I am made to be the best I can be and that means not giving in to the negative.

So today was
“Fit Tuesday” for me.
Tomorrow I will do it again.
For me.

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